11 Cheshire villages so beautiful they’ll make you want to settle there in 2022

Cheshire is full of some of the most beautiful villages in the country.

A walk through the county is punctuated by charming white houses with black beams, impressive old churches and lush green pastures.

From sleepy canal-side hamlets to bustling villages with active communities, CheshireLive lists some of the most beautiful places in our county …

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Named one of the UK’s best villages by The temperature , the picturesque village of Wrenbury sits amid pastures which might have inspired young Milton. Gently rolling and manicured fields stretch for miles from the heart of the rural village.

An 18th century wooden drawbridge spans the Shropshire Union Canal on the village road, which winds past the Wrenbury Mill and Marina, past a stylish new development and into the picturesque village center.

Opposite the 16th century church, a village square dotted with trees. All around, black and white half-timbered houses stand out reflecting the morning sun, many of which are listed buildings. The steady rolling of cars and the gentle chirping of birds are interrupted by the chime of the warm St. Margaret’s bells.

Wrenbury was one of five villages in the North West to make the Sunday Times list and was the only village in Cheshire to be mentioned. Other villages in the North West to mention were Barbon and Threlkeld in Cumbria and Slaidburn and Trawden in Lancashire.


In Audlem, Union Jack flags fly over all other buildings as an abundance of flowers spout from pots and window sills outside independent shops, cafes and pubs.

You would be forgiven for thinking there was a special event or festival going on, but this scene is simply the norm in Audlem.

Residents here pay a voluntary annual fee for flags and flowers to be put in the village during the summer months, while a committee of volunteers work in their free time to keep the village pristine.

The Shropshire Union Canal runs through the center of the village, adding even more color to the proceedings. Boaters can moor their barges right next to the seating area of ​​the Shroppie Fly pub, the most quirky pub in the village, where you will find a houseboat inside as the main bar where you buy your drinks.


Church Bank, Tattenhall

Walk down the hill from Grade II * listed St. Alban’s Church, past the manicured gardens of wisteria-draped Georgian and Tudor houses, to the heart of the village of Tattenhall.

Pass the tailor and independent cafe, located above the road, with a steep garden filled with seating areas leading up to it.

Further along Tattenhall Road, two pubs stand face to face, and wisteria reappears above the door of The Letters Inn.

Tattenhall made the news this year when a study ranked the village as the third most stressed worker in the country.

The study also found that the village of Cheshire had the highest burnout rate in the Northwest.

Pott Shrigley

St. Christopher's, Pott Shrigley, near Macclesfield.
Saint Kitts, Pott Shrigley.

Set in the beautiful Peak District countryside on the outskirts of the county, the yellow grinding stone houses of Pott Shrigley stand out among the villages of Cheshire.

Centered around St. Christopher’s Church, this village in the hills above Macclesfield has a population of just 220.

The village is the site of one of the oldest schools in Cheshire, opened in 1492. It currently operates as a primary school with only 22 students.

It is believed that a prominent grotesque in the village church may have been the origin of Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat.

Great Budworth

Grand Budworth in Cheshire
Grand Budworth in Cheshire

This year Great Budworth near Northwich was named one of the UK’s 30 Most Beautiful Villages by The temperature . Visitors can recognize the village from television appearances on BBC broadcasts Our zoo and War of the Worlds.

The village seeks out the archetypal Tudor village for the world, an illusion deliberately fabricated in the Victorian era.

Almost all of the twisted grade II listed buildings in the village are less than 150 years old and part of the Fantasy Village created by Rowland Egerton Warburton. Warburton was squire at nearby Arley Hall, and Great Budworth sat in his estate. He commissioned the reconstruction of the village to create a living, life-size model village in the quaint Tudor style.

Originally from Cheshire, Harry Styles once took his girlfriend Taylor Swift to the village’s George and Dragon pub.


A few miles southwest of Pott Shrigley, the Bollington landscape is dominated by White Nancy.

The ethereal White Nancy stands on Kerridge Hill overlooking Bollington.

Built in 1815 to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, and was funded by the prominent local Gaskell family.

White Nancy has seen a great deal of paint jobs over the years, including the festive Christmas pudding and Santa Claus disguises.

In 2018, the face of Mark E. Smith, leader and only permanent member of The Fall, was painted on the monument.

Some have said that Mark spoils the paint.

The views from Kerridge Hill are breathtaking, both over Bollington and the Peak District beyond.



Close to Chester, but at the antipodes, Tarvin advances at his own pace. A new cafe bar and independent beer bottle store have sprung up alongside the pristine Tudor and Georgian houses.

A narrow path lined with old gnarled trees that obscure the view of the old church. To the rear of the church, a clear glass window overlooks a green valley, while the mists nestle over the wooded hills. Ordinary glass is a holdover from this village’s Puritan past, when stained glass was considered a form of idolatry and was suppressed.

Tarvin saw fierce fighting during the Civil War. On a brass epitaph dedicated to Henry Hardware, Mayor of Chester, we can see a hole caused by a musket ball. It’s hard to believe that the floor of this silent cemetery once roared with the sounds of battle.


Main Street in Tarporley, Cheshire. Photo by Martin Dowle

A wide, wide road lined with tall Georgian red brick houses runs through the center of Tarporley.

Tarporley High Street has seen a plethora of trendy, independent shops and bars spring up in recent years, although old favorites such as The Swan remain.

A few miles to the south, Beeston Castle offers one of the best vantage points in all of Cheshire. Visitors can see as far as the Welsh mountains.


Goostrey in Cheshire
Goostrey in Cheshire

The magnificent Goostrey, home to English star Raheem Sterling, is famous for its annual gooseberry growing competition.

The competition, organized by the Goostrey Gooseberry Society, began in 1864. The Goostrey Society is the largest in the county with 24 members competing each summer to grow the largest gooseberry to be crowned the champion, with awards going to held at the Crown Inn.

According to Goostrey Gooseberry Society secretary Martin de Kretser: “It’s about who can grow the heaviest berries. It takes a lot of horticultural skills to grow the large berries, which can grow to the size of a chicken egg. “


The picturesque village of Lymm
The picturesque village of Lymm

The Lymm Road crosses the famous Lymm Dam, which creates a picturesque lake in the center of the village.

The canal offers more aquatic splendor. In Lymm, it is wide and crossed by a pretty red brick bridge.

Winding, narrow roads wind through the valley, lined with black and white half-timbered houses and solid Georgian buildings, all framed by the wooded hills that surround the village.

Holmes chapel

The square in the center of the village of Holmes Chapel
The square in the center of the village of Holmes Chapel

The landscape of the Holmes Chapel is dominated by the 15th century Church of St. Luke, which stands in the very center of the village.

This bustling village was where Harry Styles spent his childhood.

Holmes Chapel has some great pubs, with the George and Dragon and the Red Lion just a stone’s throw from each other, with the Bottle Bank, based in the old NatWest building, right in the middle.

Some people will also remember the old AP Club across from the station, which was remodeled a few years ago and turned into the Holmes Chapel Community Center.

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