$ 19.8 million campaign to build Hope Village – transition employment center and park


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Hope to Opportunities Foundation has launched a $ 19.8 million fundraising campaign to expand and build, Hope Village – Transitional Employment Center and Park, a fully ADA transitional employment center , a park and an accessible gymnasium to extend their current professional activity training and physical activity programs.

The goal of this campaign is to integrate learning, autonomy and physical development into the individual daily life of its clients, while presenting them to the community through employment, independent living and social interactions.

At Advo, they provide educational and vocational training and residential life to people with intellectual and physical disabilities in the community.

“Every year people probably don’t realize how many people have graduated from high school, they get older out of school and when they get older there aren’t many opportunities for them to continue their education. learning, to pursue their work opportunities, then Advo Companies offer them that and once the parents get older there are not many opportunities for these people to continue living, so Advo Companies offers this in the units residential, ”said Carla Hughes, CEO of Advo Companies.

They have long dreamed of creating a retail space to employ their customers to prepare them for the job market.

“One of the downsides we have right now is that a lot of employers want to hire employees who already have experience and our individuals don’t have the opportunity to gain that experience, so by having Hope Village we will give them that opportunity, we’re going to have a cafe and teahouse, a catering business, a monograms and screen printing business, and then a custom framing business, ”said Hughes.

Jeremy Bradford, vice president of Advo, says it gives their clients the opportunity to learn new things and get jobs like their friends.

“Everyone wants to be equal so when we give them this opportunity to do the same things everyone is smiling like crazy,” Bradford said.

Hope Village will consist of five phases:

  • Phase 1: Warehouse and consumer stores, packaging and parking – Total expected cost of $ 3.1 million – Construction will involve the warehouse and five independent consumer stores. This phase includes the frame, walls, roof, utilities, slabs and parking. This phase has been fully funded and they plan to pave the way in the coming months.
  • Phase 2: Completion and landscaping of warehouse and consumer stores – Total expected cost $ 3 million.
  • Phase 3: Accessible park – Total estimated cost $ 3.1 million
  • Phase 4: Activity center / gymnasium – Total estimated cost $ 5.1 million
  • Phase 5: Advo Headquarters – Total Purchase Price $ 5.5 million

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