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Suhail Bhat
SRINAGAR February 27: More than 35,000 people receive treatment from a Panchayat office in Madwan and neighboring villages in Hajin Block in Bandipora district of North Kashmir as construction of a health center in the area remains unfinished 13 years after the launch of the project to meet the health needs of the population.
Madwan, which is located on the shore of Lake Wullar, is a remote area with inadequate health facilities, with around 35,000 people from villages such as Madwan A, Madwan B, Prang, Banyari, Malikpora and Paribal relying on a poorly managed health facility. in the absence of essential infrastructure.
New Type Primary Health Center (NTPHC) Madwan is one of two health centers in Hajin Medical Block which was established as part of the administration’s goal to reduce the number of patients in the single center block health.
Hajin Health Center served more than 36 Panchayats and struggled to keep up with the influx of patients. However, while one health center was completed on time, construction of other facilities was slowed by political indifference. “The health centers were assigned to the Naidkhay and Madwan areas of the tehsil, and the two were taken together to be executed. While Naidkahy health center was built in two to three years, Madwan health center lingers,” said a local familiar with the details.
Residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the abandonment of the project over the past three years. The space was supposed to be used for Eid-Gah, but the community donated it for the greater benefit, but they were let down by official indifference. “We have generously handed over the valuable land to the government for the good of humanity and to end our suffering in terms of medical care,” remarked local Bashir Ahmad.
According to locals, the foundation stone of the hospital was laid in 2008, but it has not yet been completed due to slow construction. Residents claim that they depend on a sub-centre which only provides first aid service in the absence of a health centre. “Only Asha workers and a pharmacist are available to help people at any time,” a local said.
Residents claim that over the past 12 years, the construction company has only been able to complete four walls of a single structure.
The structure, which was meant to be a medical center in its own right, was used for a variety of purposes, including drying crops, sun-drying fabrics and mats. “There are no doors or windows in the building,” noted Ghulam Hassan, a resident of the neighborhood.
Hajin block chief medical officer Aijaz Ahmad told Excelsior that he recently visited the scene and raised the matter with superiors. “There is a need for a health center in the area and we have transmitted the problem and we are hopeful,” he said.

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