70% of rural houses in Telangana have access to tap water

Published: updated on – 9:33 p.m., Wed – 20 Jul 22

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Hyderabad: The much-vaunted “dual-engine” governance model may be a farce, if one considers as a parameter the extensive water tap connections in rural households in different states. Leaving growth and development aside, in many BJP-ruled states, getting a water tap connection in rural areas can be a task for many.

While 70.99% of rural households in Telangana have piped water connections, in several BJP-ruled states like Gujarat it is 25.51%, Karnataka (28.74%), the Madhya Pradesh (30.72%) and Uttar Pradesh (12.73%). ). This was admitted by the Union’s Minister of State for Jal Shakti Prahlad Singh Patel in response to a question from TRS MP B Lingaiah Yadav at Rajya Sabha on Monday.

The Union Minister in a written response further stated that since August 2019, the central government in partnership with the states has been implementing the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) to ensure tap water supply to a service level of 55 liters per capita per day (lpcd) on a regular, long-term basis to every rural household in the country by 2024.

When JJM was launched, out of 18.93 million rural households, 3.23 million households (17%) were connected to piped water. So far, 6.54 crore (34.07%) of rural households have been connected to piped water in the past 35 months, he added.

Apart from Telangana, other states and union territories that have achieved the feat of one hundred percent tap water supply include Haryana, Goa, Pondicherry and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands under the JJM.

Even before the central government considered connecting tap water to households in rural areas, the government of Telangana, through its Mission Bhagiratha program, had put in place the necessary infrastructure for water supply. tap. Households get extended tap water connection for Rs.1 under BPL families.

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