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Building Collapse-Miami-Tristesse – Hundreds of rescuers desperately search for survivors in the rubble of the collapsed Champlan Tower in the south. Florida We also have smaller cadre of mental health counselors to help families and loved ones cope with the tragedy. More life was turned upside down for all of the missing as they waited for words on the fate of their loved ones. More than a week has passed since someone was found alive, at the cost of emotional and psychological fatigue. More than 20 mental health professionals are helping missing loved ones and crew at the forefront of rescue operations. By Bobby Kaina Calvin. Sent: 1,010 words, photo. WITH: BUILDING COLLAPSE-MIAMI – Wreckers prepare to destroy the remains of a partially collapsed condominium in South Florida. Posted by Rebecca Santana and Bobby Caina Calvan: 493 words, photo.

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Philippine Air Force plane crash – The Philippine Defense Secretary said at least 17 people were killed and 40 were rescued in the crash of a C-130 plane from the Philippine Air Force transporting troops to the southern provinces. Defense Secretary Delphin Lorenzana Rescue operations are underway. It is said that 92 people, including 3 pilots and 5 crew members, were on board the aircraft. The others were soldiers. By Jim Gomez. Send: 400 words, photo.

VIRUS OUTBREAK – Countries in Europe have high stakes to speed up coronavirus vaccination, counteract the epidemic of more infectious delta variants, and prevent wards from filling up with life-threatening patients. I am working on a race. By Barry Hatton. Sent: 950 words, photo. Yes: LAST-VIRUS OUTBREAK.

Young Homosexuals of the Faith – Jessica Sesomus grew up in a conservative black evangelical family, attended a Christian school, and was gay until he realized he was gay while studying to be a missionary at the University Liberty. I have often heard that it was an abomination. A 23-year-old woman from Florida has found a sense of healing and community after appearing publicly last year and joining the nonprofit Beloved Arise, which aims to celebrate and strengthen the beliefs of LGBTQ youth . .. During the coronavirus pandemic, many young people around the world participate in Beloved Arise, worshiping, singing and effectively deepening the bonds. By Luis Andres Hennao. Sent: 1120 words, photo.

APARTMENT IN CHINA – A handful of urban Chinese, small but visible, “go to bed” or reject high-ranking careers, long working hours and expensive cities for a so-called low desire life. . It runs up against the party’s ambition to make China a richer consumer society. A novelist wrote in a leading business magazine that “lying” is a reaction to the “cycle of horror” of high-pressure schools and hard work. Send: 1,060 words, photo.

Tropical-Atlantic Cyclone – Cuba is in the southern region of the island with fears that Tropical Cyclone Elsa could hit several Caribbean islands and cause a deluge after at least three deaths. Prepare to evacuate people en route. The government opened shelters and moved to protect the sugarcane and cocoa crops before the storm. The next target was Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, including: Miami Dade County A high-rise apartment collapsed last week. By Danica Coto and Evens Sanon. Sent: 420 words, photo.

Carters-Anniversary-Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary on July 7, setting a record for being the longest-married presidential couple in American history. The 39th President calls their marriage a “perfect partnership”. By Bill Burrow. Send: 830 words, photo.


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China EVA – Two astronauts conduct their first spacewalk outside China’s new orbital station to tackle the installation of a 15-meter-long robotic arm. Send: 260 words, photo.

Residential Evacuation-Florida – A three-story apartment building in South Florida was evacuated after an inspector discovered structural damage to a vacant unit. Sent: 200 words,

The Ponzi Scheme in Turkey – Turkish citizens who allegedly embezzled money from thousands of people as part of the Ponzi scheme have been handed over to Turkey and detained. Sent: 180 words.

Country club shooting – A shooting at an Atlanta-area country club killed a man as authorities searched for a murderer. Sent: 180 words, photo.

Oakland Zoo-Vaccination – The San Francisco Bay Area Zoo is inoculating large cats, bears and ferrets with the coronavirus as part of a nationwide effort to protect animal species with lab vaccines. I go. Sent: 250 words, photo.


Washington / Politics


Death penalty-Alabama – The United States Supreme Court has sentenced inmates from Alabama. The lawyer argued that his lawyer should work harder to show that he was mentally retarded and therefore should be spared the death penalty. Sent: 360 words, photo.




California wildfires – Firefighters say fires are destroying homes in northern California as state drought officials warn crowds on July 4 of illegal fires and unintentional fires. I fight. Sent: 650 words, photos, videos.

Fireworks in California – A 27-year-old man was charged on Saturday for illegally transporting large numbers of explosives purchased in Nevada. Includes traces of destruction and injuries after an explosion near Los Angeles. Send: 530 words, photo.




Cyprus forest fires – The Cypriot interior minister said four people were found dead in what he called the “most devastating” blaze in the island nation’s history. Nikos Nuris said on Sunday that Civil Defense volunteers found a burnt body just outside the village of Odo, at the southern tip of the Troodos Mountains. He said authorities were trying to determine whether the bodies belonged to four missing Egyptian men and the search team was trying to locate them. Send: 370 words, photo.

Europe-Slovenia – Little Slovenia was responsible for the world’s largest trading bloc, but its presidency got off to a rocky start. Tensions center on how to deal with one of the European Union’s most worrying issues, increasingly vocal member states with very different visions of the future of Europe. Sent: 980 words, photo.

Elections in Japan and Tokyo – Voters in the Japanese capital elect the Tokyo City Assembly amid concerns over health risks during the Olympics, which will take place three weeks later, as cases of coronavirus continue to grow. In Sunday’s vote, 271 candidates are vying for 127 seats. According to a poll, around 60% of those polled want to cancel or postpone the match. Sent; 440 words, photo.

Israel-Palestinians – The Palestinian health ministry says Israeli forces killed Palestinians in a clash in the occupied West Bank. Mohammad Faired Hassan, 20, was shot in the chest on Saturday night during a clash in the village of Kusla near the town of Nables. Send: 320 words.

JAPANA MUDSLIDE – More than 1,000 soldiers, firefighters and police have crossed a massive landslide that struck a resort town in southwest Tokyo, killing at least two and leaving around 20 missing. Sent: 330 words, photo.




Film-Cannes Preview – The Cannes Film Festival will resume on Tuesday. The famous red carpet parades again with stars. The screen will turn on again. And maybe the film will rekindle some of the greatness that has fallen asleep over the past pandemic year. Cannes will essentially be the first major film festival to try the full version. By Jake Coil, an AP film writer. Send: 1,270 words, photo.




BKN – HAWKS-BUCKS – Milwaukee Bucks will make the NBA Finals for the first time since 1974. They didn’t need two MVPs, Janice Adetokumpo. Khris Middleton scored 32 points, including a 118-107 victory over the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference final, scoring 16 straight points in the decisive third quarter. By AP sports writer Paul Newbury. Send: 1,270 words, photo. With: Bucks Advance: The Milwaukee Bucks were enough to wrap up the Eastern Conference Finals without their top player, Janice Adetokumpo. Bucks is currently facing a short turnaround ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals at the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night. Send: 730 words, photo.

Teens-Wimbledon – Coco Gauff is not the only teenager to compete in Week 2 of Wimbledon this year. Emma Raducanu I joined her in the fourth round to please local fans. Raducanu is 18 and comes from the UK, ranked 338th and only playing in the second tournament of his career. Sent: 950 words, photo.


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