At Halloween Adventure In The East Village, Business Is Booming For At Least One More Holiday


It’s a feat in itself that Halloween Adventure, a year-round costume store occupying a large lot in Manhattan’s main neighborhood, has survived this long.

Now, with the 808 Broadway building for sale (the store stretches all the way to 4th Avenue on the other side), the store staff are hoping to end the year on a strong note, with the option of remaining open under a new owner. .

“Things are working out, we’ll see how our numbers are at the end of the season, hopefully get through the end of the year and see what happens after that,” said Mystic Bond, a store manager who has been with Halloween Adventure for 17 seasons.

Over the past few weeks, the store has been filled with students, families and Halloween enthusiasts of all kinds looking to celebrate after the pandemic canceled many of the festivities last year. Some of this year’s best-selling costumes: Cruella, Baby Yoda, Dune-the tied outfits, Squid game characters and various things involving feathered wings, which sold. Plus, the PG-13 version of all of these things.

“Sexy outfits will always be there,” said Diana Varga, another store manager who has worked at Halloween Adventure for 18 years. “Everyone wants to be that sexy nurse, or wear the booty shorts and be as sexy as possible. A lot of people who are normally more conservative all year round, what makes Halloween special is that Halloween is in. about you. “

Then there are the die-hard Halloween fans who rely on the store because they go through multiple costumes in a season.

“I’m going to a Halloween-themed birthday party for a one-year-old, so that’s why I’m shopping here,” said Bea Metitiri, an East Village resident who comes to visit. in the store for a decade. .

“I have a lot of makeup, bits and pieces of stuff – usually for Halloween, but also cosplay outfit and stuff,” Metitiri said. “It’s all year round, so it’s special. And it has the most options, sellers can give advice for makeup, and you can find high quality details that you can’t get elsewhere. . “

Bond, a store manager, said the pandemic had devastated the business, not only because of the muted Halloween of last year, but also because COVID hit the entire ecosystem of customers across the country. Halloween Adventure year.

“We [normally] get tv shows coming in to get costumes, we have theater students, bars doing different themes – we’re right [by] Webster Hall, they have themed events throughout the year, ”she said. “And even the closure of New York Gay Pride. [hurt our business]. “

Just a few months ago, it wasn’t certain that Halloween Adventure would even be open for this Halloween – the store sold heavily discounted merchandise and hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift cards in one last push to stay in business through the holidays.

But Bond said she hoped the store could rely on more than income to justify its place in the East Village.

“It’s not just the money and the numbers, it’s also the people and the community around us,” she said. “They don’t want another store to come here, another supermarket. They want Halloween Adventure, because we’ve been a staple in the community for so long. We’re almost like a landmark for some people.”

With additional reporting from Sai Mokhtari.

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