Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar Entering Rabies Red Zone – Indonesia Expat

Photo by Mark Chaves on Unsplash

The spread of rabies is ongoing and uncontrolled in Bali, particularly in the Gianyar area.

This led to the village of Blahbatuh being classified as a red zone due to the large number of people who have recently been identified as having rabies.

We know that as much as 13 people were positively infected with rabies virus from Banjar Tengah and Banjar Tubuh, Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar Regency. To anticipate the spread of the rabies virus infecting more people, the Gianyar animal husbandry office continues to vaccinate hundreds of dogs and cats.

According to Gianyar Agriculture and Livestock Department animal health officer, Made Santiarka, the addition of the rabies red zone list was not just because people had been bitten by dogs, but also discovering dogs with rabies. characteristics during the vaccination process.

“During the vaccination process, if we find a dog infected with rabies, we will eliminate it immediately with the authorization of the owner”, he mentioned.

Besides Blahbatuh village, several other villages in Tabanan regency started showing signs of entering the danger zone after large numbers of rabies positive people were found.

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