Body of 18-year-old girl exhumed after young Dalit boy killed in UP village

In an alleged ‘honour’ killing case, police exhumed the body of an 18-year-old Muslim girl on Sunday, a day after she was buried by family members in a village in Basti district .

Police decided to exhume the girl’s body after finding the body of a 19-year-old Dalit man, who lived in the same village and disappeared two days ago.

Police arrested the girl’s two brothers and her cousin for murder and destruction of evidence. The police also invoked the SC/ST Atrocity Prevention Act against them.

“We are awaiting the autopsy reports of both bodies to draw a conclusion. The next course of action will be taken based on the reports,” Inspector General (Basti Range) Ram Krishna Bhardwaj said.

According to the police, the villagers told them that the Muslim girl, who belongs to a wealthy family, and the Dalit, a tractor driver, were in a relationship, but that the girl’s family had objected. Police said they found wound marks around the young Dalit’s neck. Police are also scanning his mobile phone, which was found near the field from where his body was found.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the Dalit boy’s brother said the 19-year-old used to visit the girl’s family house regularly and drove the tractor owned by his brother.

“Friday night we were eating at home when my brother got a call from the girl’s brothers. After having dinner, my brother left the house without telling us. When he did not return until late in the evening, we went to the girl’s house to inquire about him. But the girl’s brothers told us they had no information about him. So we started looking for him. Early on Saturday morning, we learned from villagers that the young girl had died and that the family was burying her in the village. We suspected foul play and started looking for our brother near their home. About 100 meters from the girl’s brother’s house, we found my brother’s body and immediately notified the police,” the Dalit boy’s brother said.

“We believe they killed my brother in their house and dumped his body in the field,” he added.

When asked if his brother was having an affair with the girl, he said that although the villagers talked about it, he had never seen his brother with her.

The police arrested the girl’s two brothers for questioning.

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Meanwhile, a large police force has been deployed in the village, which is dominated by Hindus.

Additional Police Superintendent (Basti) Deependra Nath Chaudhary said: “It was revealed that the young girl died under mysterious circumstances on Friday evening – the same night the youngster was called by his brothers, as his family claims . An FIR has been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

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