Cal U student hosts “Tarot Tuesday” card readings at Vulcan Village


Vulcan Village CA Bayley Cooper hosted a Tarot Tuesday last week. It took place in the office of Vulcan Village, where residents could line up to receive a tarot reading. Cooper had a binder where residents could choose a broadcast relating to a certain topic, ranging from love to horoscopes. Cooper had a relatively full turnout, with about eight people showing up for a read of about five to ten minutes.

“When I do these little activities, I have the different sheets and sheets that I let people choose, just because it seems the most effective in terms of the event,” Cooper said.

At home, however, Cooper reads a little less structurally. She enjoys working with jump cards, where she will shuffle the deck and see which card jumps. This reflects the way Cooper reads tarot.

“I love to do tarot because, for me, it’s definitely a sense of direction,” Cooper said.

There are many different ways to read tarot, as Cooper points out. Each card in a 78-card deck has two meanings, one for an upright card and one for an upside-down card, known as an inverted card. Cooper often uses a quizlet to help him memorize the vague meaning of each card. It’s not all memorization, however.

“I try to look at the map and then consider the person and what that might mean personally to them and not just a generic definition,” Cooper said.

Second-year student Lindsey Barber and transfer student Krista McParland were thrilled to receive tarot readings from Cooper.

“I think tarot is a way for the spirits to communicate with you and tell you what to hear,” Barber said.

McParland had a different but similar point of view on tarot.

“I think tarot helps you realize that there’s nothing that really happens by accident,” McParland said. “Everything has some kind of meaning at the end of the day, whether positive or negative, or a learning experience about something.”

Either way, according to Cooper, tarot is good for introspection. While some people believe in a more spiritual tarot practice, it is primarily there to guide. However, this spiritual aspect could be how many people think it is scary or that it is involved in more frightening practices such as Satanism.

“Tarot is just for gaining new perspectives and ideas, maybe where you wouldn’t before,” Cooper said. “So, it’s certainly not scary or a satanic thing, and it doesn’t have to be spiritual if you don’t want to. And I think that intimidates a lot of people, because it’s a common misconception. “

McParland had a similar point of view on tarot, although she was not yet a reader herself.

“It’s a great way to see what you can accomplish and a great way to motivate yourself to get something,” McParland said.

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