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Southfield (CW50) – Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the marriage industry dramatically. One of the main venues in Canterbury Village was a castle, usually reserved for weddings throughout the year. As the number of weddings dwindled, Canterbury had to find a creative purpose for the venue to help people come to visit the village. As Halloween roles grew, this castle grew into not one, but four haunted attractions called Fright Village.

Fear Village Castle in Canterbury Village

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Fright Village consists of a tour of the Doll Factory, Sunnydale Hospital, Phryte Manor’s Dead & Breakfast and outside the Field of Screams. Each attraction is home to a unique group of characters wandering through a maze of oddly shaped hallways, secret passages that lead nowhere, and doors that open onto brick walls. Community Connect host Lisa Germani got a glimpse of the attractions a few weeks ago and was so scared she only managed one attraction.

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This weekend is the last weekend to experience Fright Village, so be sure to plan a trip to Canterbury if you don’t want to miss this attraction’s first year.

Canterbury Halloween Walk (Courtesy Canterbury Village)

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For families with children or for people who don’t like to be scared, Canterbury also offers their annual Halloween Walk, accessible to all ages. Halloween Stroll is an outdoor, family-friendly event where you stroll through the quaint village that features multiple encounters and exhibits with characters along a path lit by orange street lights and hand-carved pumpkins. Passing through the pumpkins, the spooky merry-go-round, the row of scarecrows, the singing and dancing skeletons, the fun tunnel and much more

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Community Connect host Lisa Germani, with Canterbury Village owner Keith Aldridge

Canterbury Village owner Keith Aldridge joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about new Fright Village attractions, as well as what people can expect from the annual Halloween Walk this year.

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