Chula Vista renames Third Avenue Village to downtown Chula Vista – NBC 7 San Diego

The people, the music – and the lemons – had a great show at the Lemon Festival in Chula Vista on Saturday.

The annual Lemon Festival celebrates the history of the fruit in the South Bay. Chula Vista was once known as the Lemon Capital of the World.

The Third Avenue Village area will soon be renamed Downtown Chula Vista.

“Third Avenue Village, there’s a new brand coming out – Downtown Chula Vista. We want to let people know that it’s not just an avenue, it’s an entire region, so the village association of the third avenue met as a committee, made this decision with community investment from our neighbors, our business neighbors, we decided to create a new branding and a new name, Downtown Chula Vista,” said Dr. Gonzalo Quintero, board member of the Third Avenue Village Association.

Many locals believe this will bring more attention and economic activity to the area.

“I think it’s only going to get bigger from here and the focus will be on public transportation, on ease of walking and we’re going to show how this third avenue and the area from downtown Chula Vista are terrific,” said Dr. Quintero.

Local business owners NBC 7 spoke to all agree on the idea.

“We’re okay with that, and we’re just blessed to have come here when we came here almost seven years ago, and we’re part of the transformation, and we see the changes and they’re changes. for good and better,” says Via Gary.

Local leaders are expected to release more details and unveil new logo designs in the near future.

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