City Council Names Nearly Completed Downtown Park ‘Playhouse Village Park’ – Pasadena Now

City Council voted unanimously Monday on a motion to name the new park being built at 701 East Union Street as “Playhouse Village Park” and its stage as “Van Halen Stage” in honor of the band of legendary rock band formed in Pasadena in 1972. .

The park should be completed by the summer.

Pasadena city staff had proposed naming the park Octavia Butler Park, after Pasadena’s award-winning African-American science fiction author.

But during the hearing, council member John Kennedy proposed naming the park “Playhouse Village Park” instead of Octavia Butler Park.

In raising his motion, Kennedy said naming the park “Playhouse Village Park” was more appropriate.

“It seems to me that the trend of naming the park Playhouse Village Park is the most appropriate. And that’s not to say that it would in any way diminish the desires of the Octavia Butler-related community who, by the way, admittedly in the report did not receive a majority of votes.

In a July 2021 online public survey asking the public for possible park names, after two rounds, responses pointed to two most prominent names: Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen with over 3,400 votes and Octavia Butler with 526.

Playhouse Village Park and similar variants, including Playhouse Park, got 135 nods, according to the staff report.

The Van Halen family, after consultation with city staff, requested that the stage be named in honor of the entire Van Halen band rather than exclusively for Eddie. As a result, city staff accepted the request and recommended the name “Van Halen Stage” to city council.

In making the motion, Kennedy also said the butler’s importance to Pasadena has already been honored by Washington Middle School’s renaming.

On February 24, the Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved the resolution changing the name of Washington Steam Multilingual Academy to Octavia E. Butler Magnet.

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