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Press release – South Waikato District Council

Putruru-born and raised property developer Tim Bartells returns to the town of South Waikato with plans to build a 254-villa, $200 million retirement village starting in October this year. Bartells says Putruru Country Estate will include 254 mixed plots…

Putāruru-born and raised property developer Tim Bartells returns to the town of South Waikato with plans to build a 254-villa, $200 million retirement village starting in October this year.

Bartells says Putāruru Country Estate will consist of 254 mixed-size villas ranging from 95m2 to 185m2 as well as a 2,000m2 five-star quality leisure and community center including a heated swimming pool, spa, gym, cinema , restaurant and cafe, library, doctors. rooms, pool and billiard tables, grand piano, Menz cabanon, bowling green, virtual golf and more.

Longridge Country Estate, Paeroa – model for Putāruru Country Estate

“It’s important to us that our residents have exceptional facilities that they can enjoy with other residents, friends and family,” says Bartells. “The 16 hectare site on Kennedy Drive is a very attractive rural setting bordering the Putāruru golf course, rugby and football clubs. Putāruru Country Estate will also have an Aged Care Facility which will provide nursing home hospital care and care for people with dementia.

South Waikato District Council Mayor Jenny Shattock said the planned investment is great news for Putāruru and for the South Waikato District. It follows other multi-million dollar investments in the district in recent times, including the South Waikato Trades Training Center currently under construction at the northern entrance to Tokoroa and the Olam Dairy Factory which will be developed just south of Tokoroa.

“There are real economic benefits of a large project like this for the community. Apart from creating a nice place to live for retirees, there are plenty of job opportunities for everything from earthworks and civil engineering, building and construction and lots of contractors who in turn , will attract new businesses to the region. There is also the work continuum because this project will continue for many years.

Putāruru Country Estate will be Bartells’ third major retirement village, following Longridge Country Estate, a 420-unit village in Paeroa, and Amberley Country Estate, a 250-unit village in Christchurch. He says potential buyers of Putāruru Country Estate can preview what they will buy by visiting Longridge in Paeroa.

“In the retirement villages I build, each villa has more space for outdoor living areas, lawns and gardens. It’s not about cramming into as many villas as possible. Our goal is to provide beautifully built, high quality, functional homes that people will love to live in.

“We have put a lot of technology in our villas with all emergency call buttons in each room, hard-wired smoke detectors that shut off power to the area where smoke is detected. We have TV and computer terminals in each room so there are no Sky dishes or TV aerials as this is a centralized system which includes fully monitored security systems for the peace of mind for our residents. We also provide an integrated electricity grid for which the bulk of the village buys electricity and we have achieved savings of 50% which we pass on directly to our residents. »

Bartells was born in Putāruru Maternity Hospital and went to school at St Marys and then Putāruru High School where he met his partner Jenny Wilson who is a full partner in Putaruru Country Estate and other villages in Bartells. “At that time, Putāruru was booming with 1,000 kids in high school. All my siblings were raised in Putāruru and many people will remember my mother, Pearl, who worked for 30 years at Elizabeth Amber, a local hardware store. My dad worked for Taupō Totara Timber and PTY Lumber Yard.

Bartells left school at 16 and worked in the bush as a chainsaw and skidder operator, then took up dairy farming, which he did for many years in the Waikato, then to Tasmania, where he first became involved in property development.

“There’s a lot of history in Putāruru for me, so being able to go home and do something like that has a special meaning for me. I still know a lot of people in Putāruru and a lot of my classmates are still there, so I can’t wait to catch up with old friends.

Bartells was very pleased with the support he received from the South Waikato District Council. “From my first contact with Acting Managing Director Miriam Taris and all members of the leadership team, I was impressed with their willingness to work with me to streamline the compliance journey. opportunity to create state-of-the-art processes to optimally manage the regulatory process of a large project.”

Bartells views the Putāruru Country Estate as complementary to the Putaruru-based Rangiura Hospital, the existing 106-unit Rest Home and Retirement Village and their planned future developments and is in discussion with Rangiura President Jos Van Loon, on how the two companies can work together.

“Rather than being in competition, I see the services we both provide as complementary and I am very keen to work with Jos and his team to provide the best possible care. My mother was one of all first residents built at Rangiura Retirement Village and later was at Rangiura Rest Home The care she received from Rangiura both in the village and in care was fantastic.

Van Loon said Putāruru was an ideal place to retire and develop housing and services for retirees. Rangiura had therefore anticipated for some time that other developers would be attracted to the city. “We appreciate Tim Bartells approach and look forward to further discussions on how to work together for the benefit of retirees and the Putāruru community.”

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