Cougar Village threat still under investigation

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Law enforcement officers raided the Central Educational Center campus earlier this month after a similar threat.

Updated 11/19/21 at 5:45 p.m.


Threats of violence written on the walls of the Cougar Village toilets at Newnan High School are still being investigated by the police.

Graffiti uncovered Thursday afternoon on Newnan High’s ninth grade campus at the Central Educational Center threatened to shoot, resulting in an increased law enforcement presence in Cougar Village, CEC and the Newnan main campus High on LaGrange Street Thursday and Friday.

No suspects had been identified at the time of going to press on Friday.

Cougar Village and the entire CEC held classes as usual as part of normal operations on Friday, according to Dean Jackson, the school system’s public information officer.

“The Coweta County school system appreciates the Newnan Police Department’s help and attention to it,” Jackson said late Friday afternoon. “They are continuing to investigate and have provided us with additional security during their investigation.”

Director Chase Puckett informed families of the threat by letter Thursday.

According to the letter, the messages read (verbatim) “This is a warning to the people of Newnan tmr everyone is going to be happy but some of you will not make it to the Thanksgiving break. I’m gonna shoot the school at 9:30, don’t bother hiding, I know, Code Red Protocol 666.

Puckett said families will receive updates on the situation as more information becomes available.

“Your child’s safety remains a top priority for our school,” Puckett said in his letter on Thursday. “We will continue to use our security procedures to maintain a safe learning environment and will continue to work with law enforcement until this issue is resolved.

Puckett praised the students who sounded the alarm and urged other students with information to do the same.

“We… appreciate the students who brought this to our attention today and who are working with us,” Puckett said. “Please remind your students to inform the school administration at all times when they are concerned about their safety, and that they can do so anonymously if they also have information about this.”

Earlier this month, the main campus of Newnan High, Cougar Village and the CEC were searched by K-9 agents with explosive and armed dogs after threats of fire / bombs were called on a school answering machine . The students were withdrawn from their classes as the searches continued.

Newnan Police later said they determined the threatening phone calls were part of an online challenge. A student, Antonio Bernard Carter, 17, was arrested and charged with threats and terrorist acts in the incident.

A student at Evans Middle School also faces charges of terrorist threats, as well as disciplinary action from the Coweta County school system, after threatening to “shoot the school” earlier this week.

Puckett encouraged parents and guardians to remind their children of the repercussions of similar threats.

“We strongly encourage parents to discuss with their children the seriousness of this type of act and the serious and lasting legal consequences that attach to such acts,” Puckett said.

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