Council decides to let Delta residents vote on arrival of medicinal marijuana in village


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – At tonight’s village council meeting, residents of the village of Delta expressed concern and frustration over the possibility of medicinal marijuana coming to town.

“I think you can hear loud and clear that the community is completely against the arrival of a growing facility in town,” says Lynette Nation, a resident of Delta. “We don’t care about the money. We just don’t want our kids to grow up in that kind of environment.

Many residents cited children and the effect marijuana could have on them as a reason to oppose the industry coming to Delta.

“We need to look at the implications of having this industry in our community,” says Pike-Delta-York local school principal Dr. Ted Haselman. “What does this do for our children? What does this do for our families? What does this do for the neighborhoods that are nearby? What does this do for the whole community, and also for the county? Because it’s not going to be isolated at the village limits.

Beth Thomas says that with other dispensaries near town, the marijuana industry doesn’t need to choose Delta.

“From our perspective, we believe that, for those who benefit from the use of medical marijuana, there are facilities within 30 miles. Two installations, which will meet their needs, ”explains Thomas. “And so it is our belief that this is not what we want in our community.”

The village council decided to hand it over to the people and let the citizens decide.

“I’m all for giving citizens the right to vote, this is clearly a very controversial subject … I really want to make sure that if we go this route we understand the social and financial implications, because I think they are deep and complex, ”says resident Mike Ford.

The hot topic will be in the May 31 poll. Residents of the unit then tell 13 ABCs that they will research and explain to others why they don’t want medicinal marijuana in their community.

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