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For the publisher:

I am deeply disappointed that our village council did not even discuss Bill 85 at its last meeting.

Bill 85 would have appointed Sue Smith Zukin and Jake Vennie-Vollrath to the Downtown Advisory Council. Both candidates were nominated by Director of Community Development Jamie Konkoski after a thorough selection process.

After Administrator Brunette brought forward the motion on Bill 85, Administrators Little, Shapiro and Catillaz stared at the ground as the bill failed. Even if these directors opposed one or both nominations, they could have supported the motion, explained their position and voted no.

Instead, the audience was greeted with an all-too-familiar response from our board: silence. No discussion, no explanation.

I am particularly disappointed by Administrator Catillaz, who introduced the motion on Bill 78 two weeks earlier, allegedly paying the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police $ 6,000 to find our next police chief, despite several racist and conspiratorial comments from the organization. general manager, and several public comments raising this concern.

The village is weaker because of the inaction of our trustees. The downtown advisory board has been looking for volunteers since at least August 2, 2021. About two months later, the board decided not to appoint two new members, for reasons they don’t think we should be aware of. .

I believe it’s the volunteers that make Saranac Lake so decidedly different. As several committees struggle to find these volunteers, the least the village council can do is explain why they are rejecting qualified candidates instead of filling vacant positions.

David Lynch

Saranac Lake




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