Dunleavy administration and businesses send more fish to Yukon River communities – Mike Dunleavy


Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is happy to see another shipment of salmon head for the Yukon River, an area struggling with low fish escapements this summer. The state of Alaska recently sent shipments of salmon worth $ 60,000 and helped coordinate a $ 40,000 donation from four companies. Due to historically low returns of king and chum salmon to the Yukon, residents were unable to participate in commercial or subsistence fishing activities in 2021.

“It has been a huge team effort to get the salmon into the hands of our fellow Alaskans in need. Salmon are vital to the people of the Yukon, and my administration was not going to sit on the sidelines while our rural communities struggled to put food on the table, ” Governor Dunleavy said. “The people of Alaska are at their best when the going gets tough. I am grateful for the strong partnerships and collaboration between local businesses, tribal and village leaders, seafood processors and shipping companies who have all played a vital role in the success of this project.

Twelve thousand pounds of salmon were purchased from Copper River Seafoods, by the state, and shipped last week to communities along the upper and lower Yukon. Six thousand pounds were trucked to Fairbanks by Lynden Transport Inc. and 6,000 pounds were flown to Emmonak by Everts Air. The Tanana Chiefs Conference will distribute the salmon from Fairbanks, and Kwik’Pak Fisheries will distribute the salmon from Emmonak.

Donated salmon are loaded onto the Everts Air Cargo DC-6 at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. (Click here for more pictures)

Thanks to Donlin Gold, Doyon, Limited, Calista Corporation and Nova Minerals who generously donated $ 10,000 each, an additional 8,000 pounds of salmon were shipped this week to communities in the Yukon region. Three thousand pounds from Doyon, Limited and Nova Minerals were trucked to Fairbanks yesterday, and 5,000 pounds from Calista Corporation, Donlin Gold and Nova Minerals were flown to Emmonak today.

“Participation in this fish donation program in the Lower Yukon Delta region aligns with Calista’s vision for cultural stewardship and corporate responsibility. Taking care of our neighbors is also a fundamental value of our culture and our company. “- Andrew Guy, Calista Corp. President / CEO

“I am proud to represent Nova Minerals, especially today with this initiative to donate fish to remote villages. When the governor called us, we were quick to step forward with our other industry partners in this effort. As a natural resource company, Nova focuses on community support and sustainability as key pillars of our operations and our social license. On a personal level, I am Alaskan, so when other Alaskans are in need, we lend a helping hand, it is that simple. I told the governor to put Nova Minerals on speed dial, for this or any future initiative like this that requires reliable partners. Nova Minerals has a long term commitment to Alaska with jobs and helping to support and build stronger communities. ” – Christopher Gerteisen, CEO / Director of Nova Minerals

“It is an honor to support this partnership alongside Calista Corporation, to bring fish to Yukon communities. In addition to food security, it is about Alaska’s native values ​​of sharing and cultural identity related to fish. Donlin is committed to responsible development and meeting the needs of YK communities today and into the future. Kristina Woolston, Director of External Affairs at Donlin Gold.

Today’s announcement by Governor Dunleavy to purchase 12,000 pounds of salmon builds on the state’s previous purchase of $ 75,000. To date, the state has purchased $ 135,000 worth of salmon, totaling 37,000 pounds, to donate to Yukon River communities hit hard by poor salmon runs. In addition to state purchases, Governor Dunleavy’s administration facilitated and led efforts to secure donations of 33,000 pounds of salmon for residents of the Yukon region. With all efforts totaling over 70,000 pounds of salmon.


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