Global Village Foods moves to former Singleton space


By Victoria Gaither

QUECHEE – The lights are back on at the old Singleton’s general store in Quechee.

Courtesy of Global Village Foods
Chicken and spinach samosa

Global Village Foods, which now operates in the space, has been busy transforming the interior into a food manufacturing plant for months, with more work to be completed before it opens.

“This new location is important and we are delighted with it as it represents an exciting growth stage for our business,” said Wangene Hall, Director of Marketing for Global Village.

The new facility will produce hypoallergenic African-inspired samosas and meals for sale in stores across Vermont and New England.

Hall explained, “We are now in a location where customer demand is increasing, and this new location will allow us to meet that demand and meet significant growth over time. “

The facility will also serve as a home base for the business.

This is exciting for Wangene Hall as she looks forward to hosting community events in her role as Director of Marketing. She said: “We want a place where people can really see our vision in action: all the inspiration, flavor and bold ingredients that go into making African food for all. “

Courtesy of Global Village Foods
Pictured (left to right) Mel, Darmaris and Wangene Hall own and operate Global Village Foods in Quechee.

Currently, Global Village’s frozen dishes like Ethiopian Vegan Lentil Combo, Moroccan Lemon Chicken and Moroccan Olives, and African Nut-Free Stew are selling at Whole Foods in the frozen food aisle.

Many Vermont co-ops sell the company’s samosas, a fried or baked pastry with savory toppings like peas, onions, chicken, and lentils.

Love for food, community and family helped create Global Village Foods. Darmaris Hall was a chef in Kenya, her native land; it was there that she met Mel, who was studying in Kenya at the time.

The two got married and, back in America, opened an African restaurant in Vermont called “Taste of Africa: Karibu Tulé”, which means “welcome” in Swahili.

It is no longer a restaurant, it is from this experience that Global Village Foods was born.

Wangene speaks with a sense of pride about what her parents have accomplished with Global Village Foods.

She said residents can expect high standards: “People can expect the new manufacturing facility to be the best in its class. We are a USDA inspected factory with strict cleaning and disinfection procedures, strict safety precautions to avoid cross contamination by allergens, and an excellent team that manages all operations.

She added that it was not only about the impeccably run operation, but also about the people. “Our team is truly the beating heart of the business, and they put a lot of love, care and commitment into preparing the meals and samosas you know and love.”

Like most businesses during the pandemic, it hasn’t been easy for the Halls, Wangene said. “Covid-19 initially meant that our business experienced a dramatic slowdown in the first half of 2020. Since our products are sold in stores, the fact that people cannot come in and buy them has been a huge shock to the company. system. “

They joined Upper Valley Vermont’s Everybody Eats program, and since then the business has grown steadily. Always looking to the future, what is the next step for Global Village Foods? Their frozen meals and samosas may soon be hitting convenience stores, college campuses, and college dining halls.

For now, new life, purpose and ambition is lighting up the building at 6962 Woodstock Road, Quechee.

For more information on their official opening, visit their website

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