Gujarat: leopard caught after injuring three people in Dahod village


A leopard was rescued by forestry officials from a village in Dahod on Sunday after injuring three local residents, including a member of the forestry department, officials said.

According to officials from the Gujarat Forestry Department, a one-year-old male leopard was first sighted on September 22 in Dudhamali village under Dhanpur taluka of Dahod, after which forestry officials were alerted.

The leopard then injured a forest department guard on Saturday evening, after which he was momentarily overpowered by local villagers. According to forestry officials, the leopard managed to flee the villagers and injured two other people.

“The leopard had entered a house in the village of Dudhamali after which we were alerted. Subsequently, the leopard left the house but remained in the outskirts of a kilometer of the village, hiding in the corn crops. During this time our team was also monitoring the leopard and on Saturday evening our Amarsingh Baria staff got too close to the leopard and it was injured, ”said RM Parmar, deputy forest curator, Dahod social forestry.

“The next morning the villagers also tried to catch the leopard, but it escaped injuring two other people. We also learned that the leopard was suffering from a maggot infection and was sick. Our forestry team then subdued the animal with a net and it was taken to the nursery for medical assistance, ”Parmar added.

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