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If “Meet me in the Hilltop” becomes a saying, Molly Otting Carlson, executive director of the Hilltop Campus Village, would be thrilled.

The Davenport neighborhood has a new advisory council that is working to rebrand the interior shopping district, with advice from Main Street America.

A nonprofit helping revitalize old and historic commercial districts across the United States, Main Street America visited the Hilltop Campus Village on Thursday to review neighborhood assets and provide tips, tricks and tips. information on national trends. The Hilltop is one of more than 50 Iowa communities involved in Main Street Iowa and America.

Kathy La Plante, Senior Director of Coordinating Programs for Main Street America, toured various Hilltop businesses, residential areas, and other spaces before speaking with members of the Hilltop Campus Village board and community.

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The hilltop already has many assets, La Plante said, including its location, proximity to Palmer College of Chiropractic and St. Ambrose University, unique businesses and the beauty of the area. Strategic planning is about improving existing assets rather than trying to come up with something new.

La Plante drew examples from neighborhoods in Portland and Colorado to show revitalization methods that could be applied to the Hilltop Campus Village. The Alberta District in Portland focused on art and sustainability, while Brush, Colorado, drew inspiration from the ranching community to create an agricultural strategy.

“You can be whatever you want,” La Plante said. “But what are those strategies that will help you be more effective in the work that you do? So instead of people just doing random projects, we do it with purpose.”

Carlson said the district is currently looking at more arts and entertainment planning.

Internal review is also important in strategic planning, La Plante said, as is ensuring that everyone who wants to participate on Hilltop Campus Village boards and committees is engaged and fully aware of their responsibilities.

The Hilltop Campus Village created an advisory board in July to help with rebranding efforts over the next year. Comprised of board members and community stakeholders, Carlson said they would make decisions on everything from the district’s name change to website and social media strategies before things go down the drain. entrusted to the committees.

All of these efforts will help make Hilltop a great place to live, work and play.

“When you’re in the Hilltop…you know you’re here,” Carlson said. “That’s the point.”

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Photos: Hilltop Campus Village

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