How Policymakers Can Support the Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturers across the country need a strong workforce to improve the competitiveness of the industry and lead it to a bright future. NAM works with policymakers and manufacturers to help make that future possible.

The challenge: The need for qualified candidates in manufacturing positions is growing rapidly. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of available manufacturing jobs has nearly doubled.

  • According to a recent study by The Manufacturing Institute, NAM’s workforce development and education partner, and Deloitte, retirements and a persistent skills gap could lead to more than 2, 1 million US manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by 2030.

Our priorities: NAM advocates policies that will help people from all walks of life find amazing jobs in modern industry.

  • This means ensuring that every high school graduate has the preparation they need to take the next step; reduce barriers to post-secondary education and skills development; create pathways to good jobs and lifelong learning; create partnerships between post-secondary institutions and employers; and support a range of high quality education and training models.

Our solutions : To achieve these goals, NAM has proposed a series of common-sense solutions, including:

  • Expand the Pell Grant program to include short-term education models and vocational training
  • Investing in learning and learning and training programs
  • Promote earning industry-based degrees as a way to complete community and technical colleges
  • Increase the amount of tax-exempt education assistance employers can provide
  • Prioritizing Employer Leadership in Federal Discretionary Grant Competitions
  • Reform Federal Workplace Education Programs to Emphasize Career-Oriented Skills

What we say: “Manufacturers are training and educating new generations of talented and ambitious young people,” NAM Executive Vice President Erin Streeter said in her keynote address at the 2022 Manufacturer Awards Banquet for the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing. . “All of this is ultimately about imparting to learners the skills and values ​​needed to succeed in modern manufacturing.”

Our programs: MI focuses on a range of initiatives to help develop the manufacturing workforce. Those interested in a career in manufacturing should consider the FAME program, originally founded by Toyota, which provides participants with training and certification. MI also offers programs geared specifically to students, veterans, and women.

Learn more: Learn more about NAM’s policy recommendations for building a strong and effective workforce in “Competiting to Win” – a blueprint for policies that support manufacturing in America.

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