“It’s always good to be in residence:” Betty’s Village offers residents a place of their own


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Cory waited 10 years for this.

After living with his mother and father all his life, his desire to go it alone led him to Betty’s Village.

This is Opportunity Village’s primary housing project, a $ 35 million advance designed to provide adults with special needs with locations of their own.

We met Cory in June when he first discovered his new home.

“I have a welcome mat. He said, “It’s good to be home. “

And Cory’s empty house slowly turns into what he’s always wanted.

“It’s always good to be home,” he says.

Cory has his favorite chair, his favorite video games, and a bookcase with his favorite characters.

“I like strange things,” he said, showing off his assortment.

“I miss seeing my mom and dad every now and then. That’s why I call them.

Fortunately, mom is not distant.

“It’s one thing to do chores around the house,” says her mother, Reigna Gerhart. “It’s another when the whole apartment is yours.”

Betty’s Village is exclusive. The entire housing project is dedicated to adults with special needs. Most tenants, as well as Cory, have some type of disability.

But employees say it’s not a barrier to the neighborhood.

“Full of life,” says Rhiannon Moccio of Opportunity Village. “It’s more than I could have imagined.”

“We had a resident who came over and didn’t know how to assemble a coat rack. He arrived with all the parts and said: “Help! How can I do this? ‘”

That’s half the fit. And so far it’s been a pleasant trip.

The tenants already take collective evening walks through the village.

Adjusting to life on his own is an ongoing journey for Cory.

“I’m starting to get used to the fact that they’re not there. Although it still feels a little weird, ”Cory says.

Opportunity Village says Betty’s Village will not be full enough, but should be soon. She hopes to build additional housing sooner or later.

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