It’s time to decide what to do with the Decas School of Wareham

WAREHAM – Selectmen Tuesday will review candidates for the Decas School Steering Committee, created by municipal assembly vote to provide recommendations on the Decas School building and new use of the property.

The building is being replaced by Wareham Primary School, which will open to students from Decas and Minot on January 3.

Candidates for the seven-person committee that will be considered at this week’s meeting include Jared Fredrickson, Tracie Williams and MaryJane Driscoll, who were recommended by town meeting article petitioners, and Damon Solomon and Jared Chadwick who were recommended by elected officials.

The property at 760 Main Street comprises 15.5 acres.

The committee will be appointed by Selectmen, and will include three from among the appointments made by the applicants for the section, one from among the appointments made by the Board of the Council on Aging, one from among the appointments made by the Capital Planning Committee, one from among the appointments made by the Community Preservation Committee, and one from among the appointments made by Selectmen.

The committee’s objective will be to come back to a future municipal assembly with a proposal.

Its recommendations “may include, but are not limited to, a council on aging and related programs, a senior center, a municipal meeting space, adult education, a public library, training programs and education. ‘enrichment, veterans services, affordable housing for the elderly, passive and active recreation, youth programs and sports, daycare, flexible workspace, health and wellness services or other similar uses for the benefit of the community of Wareham.

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