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MONCKS CORNER – What started as a way to support the children of parents with major health issues has become a resource that supports the elderly and homeless in the community.

“Growing up, they always said it needed a village,” said Katrina Carpenter, executive director and founder of Jean’s Angels.

Jean’s Angels is a non-profit organization based in Moncks Corner that focuses on supporting some of the Lowcountry’s most at-risk communities. It all started in 2014 with Carpenter simply working with children.

Years ago, Carpenter lost his mother, Bobby Jean Smith, to ovarian cancer and his father, Rufus Smith Sr., to heart failure. As an adult, Carpenter said it was hard for her to handle, so she could only imagine what it would be like for a small child.

While working in a dialysis center, she regularly met children who did not have the chance to travel or do much because of the health of their parents.

“So I was taking them to Disney World for a week,” Carpenter said.

From there, Jean’s Angels was started as a way to support the children of parents on dialysis. He bears his mother’s name.

Over time it will expand to offer tutoring, support children of single parents and those who have witnessed domestic violence and gun violence.

Eventually, this would expand even further into who he is today. Now, in addition to children, she works to support older people in the community through gift giving and visits to pre-pandemic nursing homes.

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The association also hosts and organizes special dinners for homeless people. Gift bags containing toiletries are frequently offered, as well as canned goods

“Our mission is to inspire and put God’s love into action,” Carpenter said.

Jloundia Pinckney is one of the many people who volunteer with Jean’s Angels. She is also a longtime resident of Cross in Berkeley County.

Pinckney said she remembers seeing Carpenter as a little girl in the Cross community. She eventually reconnected with Carpenter through Jean’s Angels work for the elderly.

At some point, Carpenter returned to Cross to donate items to the elderly. One such person was Pinckney’s aunt, who is over 90. Pinckney said she was impressed with the quality of the items donated by the nonprofit organization.

Her aunt frequently uses the weighted blanket and heater she received from the organization. As a volunteer, Pinckney said she can see firsthand the amount of work that goes into all the organization’s work.

There aren’t many organizations at Moncks Corner that compare to the Jean’s Angels, she said.

“She gives to people all over the Lowcountry,” Pinckney said. “I just wish more people could at least give it to him.”

Carpenter said she’s grateful for the support she’s been receiving and isn’t planning on slowing down. Since its inception, Jean’s Angels has distributed approximately $200,000 worth of items.

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“We’re here, serving the Lowcountry,” Carpenter said.

Over the next six months, the organization will launch a mobile shower space that can be used by homeless people in the Lowcountry.

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