Kashmiri Pandit families from Mattan village in Anantnag return and rebuild their homes | India News

Srinagar: In a small village in the Anantnag district of southern Kashmir, half a dozen houses are being built or renovated in the Matan area. These houses belong to Kashmiri Pandits, who had migrated from the Kashmir Valley in the early 1990s with the onset of the insurgency.

About 15 Kashmiri Pandit families from this settlement have returned or plan to return. These houses were in dilapidated conditions for years and now it finally seems that these settlements would see happy times again.

”Yes, it’s true that we rebuild houses. The Kashmiri Pandit community is finally planning to return home. The Pandit community in Jammu is also planning to return. We lived with so much love around us. People want to come. There are about 15 houses that are under construction and more will be built as well. In a few years, I’m sure that if the conditions are peaceful, everyone will come back. ” said Ashok Kumar Sidha, Chairman of Martand Temple Trust.

In recent years, many such families have returned to the valley and are living happily. Matan village has seen maximum number of Kashmiri Pandits returning to their home country. Without any government assistance, these people started to build or renovate their old houses. Some local Muslim Kashmiris say things are going back to how they were in the early 1980s and before.

”A lot of them have come back and a lot of them are coming back. We have always lived in brotherhood. Many new houses are being built there. As you can see, many houses in this settlement are under construction. We are with them and would like them to come back. We always celebrated our big days together. Kaka ji is back after many years. His house is already, and he will soon come to live there. They have great confidence in us, and we also have great confidence in them. ” local neighbor Mohammad Rajab Lone said.

Most of the construction work done on these houses is done by the Kashmiri Muslim community. They have taken care of these properties and are now helping them to rebuild these houses as well.

”We are so happy that they are coming back. We work on their homes. We worked on these constructions. There are about 15 new houses being built. We give them our full support and we are very happy that they are back. We are always here to help you. Some of them never left and others left and came back. Insha’Allah the brotherhood between us would remain forever, whenever we go to Jammu we always go to their homes. ” said Farooq Ahmad Lone of the local.

The Pandit community wants the government to provide them with security and help them build their houses. They say if there are no houses for the pundits, how can they return to the valley. The government says 6,000 Kashmiri Pandits have recently returned to the valley, while the community says they have not been properly housed and are living in rented rooms.


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