Letter to the editor: Misinformation, errors in the letter alleging recruitment


As the principal of Bishop Canevin High School, I feel responsible for standing up for the community I represent and responding to the false claims and misinformation included in Mr. Charles Herrmann’s recent letter to the editor.

Inaccurate posts like this can potentially be damaging and do not reflect what is currently a strong partnership between Bishop Canevin and Carlynton High School that benefits many students living in our area. Currently, Bishop Canevin and Carlynton have a co-op in a number of sports including golf, tennis, swimming, wrestling, track and field and men’s volleyball. Without these co-ops, student-athletes may not have the opportunity to pursue their passions competitively at the high school level. This arrangement has been extremely beneficial for both schools and has helped raise the profile of student-athletes and teams in our region.

In the 2020-21 school year, Bishop Canevin’s swimmers and track athletes helped Carlynton win the sectional championships. A Canevin student wrestling for Carlynton has won over 100 career games en route to a college scholarship and this year a golfer from Carlynton was instrumental in the Bishop Canevin Golf team having a chance to participate in the school’s first section championship in many years. Beyond this success, our schools also share resources, facilities and staff with the goal of providing students at both schools with a safe environment that helps them reach their full potential.

Comments like Mr. Herrmann’s distract from the real reasons Bishop Canevin has experienced a revitalization of his football program and do a disservice to our coaches, student-athletes, parents and supporters whose time and effort. work made our turnaround possible.

Our parents’ efforts helped transform our locker room and driving range into areas of which our student-athletes can now be proud. Our alumni have provided support and helped raise the capital necessary to build a state-of-the-art fitness center that benefits all student-athletes in British Columbia. Our seniors have remained steadfast throughout several coaching transitions and, after many years, their hard work, persistence and loyalty are paying off.

Finally, Bishop Canevin identified the right person in Coach Richard Johnson to lead his football program. While I was happy to see that Coach Johnson will be recognized by the Steelers in an upcoming game after our most recent victory, at Bishop Canevin, we are delighted that Coach Johnson is getting his due after getting him. seen over the past two years be a presence in the building, prioritizing academics over its players and being a servant leader who is a role model for our student-athletes.

Prior to Coach Johnson’s arrival, the Bishop Canevin football program was on life support. In 2019, we had to make the difficult decision to forgo a game after running out of healthy players due to concussion issues. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons we were beaten hard by Carlynton 35-12 and 34-7. Prior to this season our last win at Carlynton was in 1999, we were on the side of unbalanced losses in this quarterback rivalry, but our improvement has not been at the expense of Carlynton or the result of a recruit.

Mr. Herrmann’s letter also contains some of its biggest inaccuracies when it refers to an earlier WPIAL hearing. The Carlynton administration, while requesting the hearing, did not check the box associated with recruitment as a ground for challenging the student’s eligibility for Bishop Canevin. In addition, the hearing was closed, an option provided by WPIAL and accepted by both institutions; thus, any account of what has been said is only hearsay. The WPIAL Board of Directors heard testimony from both sides and ultimately concluded that the student-athlete should be immediately eligible to participate as a representative of Bishop Canevin. Both sides accepted the WPIAL decision and moved forward with their respective teams and seasons.

At Bishop Canevin, we are proud of our association with Carlynton, our actions in the community, on and off the field, and our continued promotion of educational excellence for all students.

Michael joyce

Principal, Bishop Canevin High School

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