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I refer to your recent article on possible ethics violations by two members of the Pinehurst Council.

After reading Kevin Drum’s emails and Lydia Boesch’s letter / memo and affidavits from the Pinehurst Police Chief and the Village Human Resources Officer – all public documents – it is clear that he these are ethical violations. Kevin Drum’s protest at the October 26 meeting that he had been trained in a different code of ethics was laughable, as was Lydia Boesch’s attempt to try and trick the public into believing that she loves trees in Pinehurst.

This whole matter should have culminated at the first meeting with a reprimand or whatever, and then it just moved on. Instead, it turns into a procedural battle that shifts the spotlight from the serious issue here: Lydia Boesch is acting on her own at the direction of State House Rep. Jamie Boles in a continuing attempt to get rid of the director of the village because he follows the policy advice on protecting the trees of Pinehurst.

Did voters vote for Boesch two years ago to protect Pinehurst or to advance the obscure interests of Raleigh lawmakers bent on downplaying municipal autonomy for the benefit of developers and short-term rental companies?

Consider the Oct. 27 pilot article on Southern Pines’ current development pipeline of 1,200 apartments, 350 townhouses and just 155 single-family homes, then ask the residents of Pinehurst if this is what they want for Pinehurst. This, added to the real angst expressed at the October 26 meeting by a resident surrounded by short-term rental properties, is a glimpse into the near future for Pinehurst if we pursue “smart growth”.

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