Lewisville ISD Full Day Pre-K Classes Reach Capacity


Lewisville ISD will seek a waiver from the state to continue offering half-day pre-K classes to eligible students. (Archive photo from Community Impact Journal)

Lewisville ISD’s 50 full-day pre-K classes are reaching capacity, according to district documents, while half-day classes are still vacant.

The district currently has 1,192 students in total enrolled in pre-K and has the capacity to enroll approximately 1,452 more, mostly in half-day sessions, depending on the district.

This is an increase from last year, when enrollment was 952 students. Before the pandemic, Lewisville had 1,650 students enrolled in the 2019-20 school year and 1,652 students the previous school year, according to district documents.

By state law, Lewisville ISD must offer full-time pre-K courses if it identifies at least 15 eligible students who are at least 4 years old. Students are considered eligible if they are unable to speak and understand English, are educationally disadvantaged, are or have ever been placed in foster care, or are homeless. Also eligible are children of active-duty members of the military, children whose parents were killed or injured while on active duty, or dependents of Star of Texas recipients, according to district documents.

The district may offer a half-day and a full day of Pre-K for free to eligible students, although full-day classes are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Tuition-based Pre-K is offered to non-eligible students for half-day and full-day courses.

House Bill 3, which became state law in 2019, requires schools to offer a full day of pre-K to all eligible students. LISD has received a state waiver to continue to allow half-day classes to eligible students until 2022. The district plans to request another waiver for the full-day implementation until 2022. 2025, depending on the district.

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