Lexington gas station relieves customers at the pump as gas prices continue to soar

LEXINGTON VILLAGE, MICH. – A gas station in the village of Lexington was bumper to bumper on Monday morning as a giveaway of petrol brought relief to drivers at the pump.

Although the event started at 10 a.m., the first driver was in line at 7 a.m. to save money on gas at the Marathon gas station off the main street. Drivers who filled up at this gas station got gas at a discount of $1 per gallon.

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“I saw a gas station in Michigan at $5.39, so hopefully that helps people,” said one driver filling up his tank.

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Lakeshore Graphics business owner Tim ‘Timmy D’ Hering told Local 4 he was moved to help those in need after watching a family have to choose between food or essence. Hering took to Facebook to ask for donations and raised $6,000 for the gas giveaway within hours.

“I figured if I could do it in a few hours, then anybody could. It’s just people helping other people,” Hering said.

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Hering’s childhood friend Chuck Laughlin is the owner of the Marathon gas station where the event took place. They have teamed up to give back to the community.

Hering says he hopes the hashtag #PeopleHelpingPeople will spread on social media and in the real world.

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If you are inspired to help or want to donate, Click here.

You can use the map below to track average gas prices in Michigan by county, updated daily with AAA data:

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