Little Village Campground Opens in Platte Center | Local

Joe and Deb Hanson have given new use to a once empty lot at Platte Center.

Located along Fourth Street and between B and C streets in Platte Center, Little Village Campground is now open for business.

The Hansons have lived at Platte Center since 1986. They had established a home in Leigh a few years ago, but decided to return about a year ago.

“While we started building the house, our house sold, so it was just a vacant lot,” Joe Hanson said. “We parked our semi-trailers there. We put our fifth wheel on it and that’s where we stayed until our house was finished.

It was Deb’s idea to turn the land into an RV park, Joe noted. The couple traveled extensively in their motorhome.

“We’ve traveled all over the country with our RV and stayed at so many RV parks. We’ve never owned one, so it’s a new experience for us,” Joe said.

Little Village Campground has nine sites and will be open year-round.

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“It’s a full hookup to city water, city sewer,” Joe said. “Of course garbage and electricity. There are plenty of amenities here at Platte Center. We had one person just stay here, a deacon for the church and he really enjoyed the place.”

A small building sits on the lot and Joe indicated that they would consider adding a coin-operated washer and dryer in the future.

The lot can accommodate vehicles up to 43 feet, and the pedestals are 50 amp, 30 amp, and 110 volt.

Reservations can be made from Monday, the earliest date people can stay there is June 24. Deb noted that the easiest way to make a reservation is to call Joe at 402-270-1422.

Upon arriving at the RV park, people will meet the Hansons there to unlock the utilities. They noted that they are nearby in case of an emergency.

“We currently have a set of reservations for the first to the fifth. So we’re excited about that,” Joe said.

Originally launched in November, the project has really come to fruition over the past 30 days, Joe said, noting the help of his good friend Jim Wemhoff, a construction company owner.

“Jim came over and spent all of his time spreading this rock and helping me put up the fence post. He has been here to help out all the time, even though he has a full-time job,” Joe said.

The Hansons also worked side-by-side throughout the process. They’ll be putting the finishing touches on the lot this weekend, including adding bushes and planters, as well as painting the spools.

According to Joe, the Platte Center community supported the project. He noted the benefits it could bring to the city.

“If nothing else, it will help our community, it will bring in some tax revenue,” Joe said, adding that it could help drive traffic to other local businesses. “Maybe some locals will stay here or their families or when they come to visit, and maybe hopefully in the future we will see some construction workers. But either way, it has made this area much more pleasant.

“I was very happy that we were going to donate to our city,” she said. “We love camping so we are able to give back our enjoyment to others who might find camping in a small town enjoyable.”

Platte Center has a nice little fallen town, Joe said, and the people there are friendly.

“Like any other small town where there’s a campground, you’ll see all the elders driving around just to watch the campers and see what they look like,” he said. “That’s what we noticed all the time everywhere we went.”

There are a variety of activities taking place in town and people can enjoy the RV park in many ways.

“On the other hand, we have a lot of activity at Platte Center, the fire department has a lot of activity, and then we have volleyball,” Joe said. “It will work really well for younger kids if they want to bring their campers and enjoy their drinks at night and don’t want to drive anywhere.”

The Little Village campsite is online at

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