Long haul truck driver Nana and Grandpa’s Christmas Frozen display draws crowds to village

All over Teesside, house gardens are lit up and sparkling with festive joy this Christmas.

But you’d have to go there to beat a display that’s gaining attention in East Cleveland.

If you’ve been there and seen it, you’ll know exactly what house it is in the village of Carlin How, between Loftus and Brotton.

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It’s owned by chick and grandpa Sarah and Tony Robertson who each year create an elaborate exhibit in their backyard for the benefit of their grandchildren – and anyone who passes by, of course.

They have 20 grandchildren between them and, says Sarah, 54, a truck driver, they love it.

The theme of this year’s exhibit is Disney’s hit movie Frozen.

The couple laid a huge sheet of white cloth all over the front garden to look like fake snow and erected fake castle walls on the front of the house on Brotton Road, on the A174 main road through the village .

Fashion models have been dressed to look like Anna, Elsa and co and there’s Sven the reindeer and a blowing up Olaf the snowman as well as lanterns, lights and candy canes adorning the entire garden.

“We have 20 grandchildren between us and we’re doing it for them,” Sarah said.

“We started by doing the inside of the house, then we decorated the outside for Halloween and it just continued from there.

“I’ve always loved Disney movies and love Olaf – I did one last year but it got wet and I had to burn it.

“We decided to do a Frozen theme this year. We got models and costumes for them and we blew Olaf up.

“I craft something every year – we’ve got six elves up front this year and candy canes – and we’ve collected a lot over the years.”

Sarah and Tony, 57, are both truck drivers and work shifts, so they had to adapt to creating the display around the job. Recent storms didn’t help – they started but had to stop until the worst of times passed and they waited for deliveries to arrive with the decorations they needed to complete it.

It usually takes around three days to create from start to finish – and from the moment that goes up, they get a constant stream of people coming in to watch.

“We always have people coming to see him. Between us we have eight children and 20 grandchildren and they call me ‘crazy nanny’ because I also have a Scooby Doo van,” Sarah laughs.

“We’ve already started to think about what we’re going to do next year.”

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