Lucknow couple teaches village children healthy farming practices

By Vivek Tripathi

Lucknow, June 5 (IANS): Increasing pollution is damaging the basic elements — land, water, sky and air — that are essential to human existence. Governments around the world are trying to verify this. Many organizations and individuals are also involved in this campaign. One such eco-friendly couple is Anish and Ashita, who started a campaign to make the environment and agriculture healthy with the help of children.

Anish and Ashita run a school named ‘The Good Harvest’ in the village of Paschim in Unnao district, next to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. Anish said he has been running this school with his wife since 2016. There, children in the village learn about healthy farming methods. Most of the children studying in this school are girls. Anish said: “Currently, students from grades one to five are taught at this school. Of these, 60 to 70 children receive free education. Children learn all subjects, but special emphasis is placed on environmental protection and agriculture.

He added, “Class V children in our school know how to grow mushrooms. We explain to the children the whole process, from the selection of the seeds to the transport of the harvest to the market, the children know all this process.

Anish practices natural farming on two acres of land at his school and also teaches it to children. He said with this, their reliance on the market has come to an end, as they grow vegetables throughout the year and also sell some of them.

“We left our jobs in Delhi and started this job. Initially only six children came. Later other children joined. Now the number is increasing. modern farming techniques and also stopped migration,” Anish said. “Our goal is to raise people‘s awareness of environmental protection and pure food. That’s why we started a school based on agriculture, to make change a reality,” he said. added.

“Trainings are conducted from time to time by agricultural scientists to give children comprehensive information on seeds, fertilizers and water. We try to teach all aspects of agriculture to young children through play and games. We pay more attention to three things – caring for the earth, caring for people, just for sharing.” Anish is fully supported in this work by his wife Ashita, who was a teacher before.

Ashita said that besides climate-smart agriculture, children also learn about tree planting, intercropping and low-cost farming, soil conservation and plastic-free farming. Most agricultural work is done by women, so we focused on girls in school.

“In our school, alongside studies, a lot of attention is paid to practical work, which makes things easy to understand,” said students Aanchal, Kajal and Meenu. “This school is very good. Here children get free agricultural education,” said Shivshankar from Paschim village.

Mahesh Kumar Yadav, Chief of Jabraila Paschim Village, said, “People are aware of this school, apart from that, every possible cooperation is given.

Regarding the cost of running the school, Anish said it was supported by the financial support of some people and the sale of vegetables and cereals. Ashita added, “We haven’t received any government grant so far, but if we get it, it will help us push this work forward with force.”

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