Lutu village chief calls on people to get vaccinated


80% of the villagers of Lutu, Naitasiri who are 18 years old and over have been vaccinated. [Image: Supplied]

80 percent of the villagers in Lutu, Naitasiri who are 18 years and older have been vaccinated and they are calling on the rest of Fiji to get vaccinated.

Village chief Joji Rinakama says vaccinations started yesterday for them where over 200 villagers have been vaccinated and they know this is the only way forward for them.

Rinakama says they need the confinement zone borders lifted so that they have a sustainable income as it makes it really difficult for them to provide for their families.

He says that at the moment their only source of income is to sell dalo and rourou to two trucks that come on certain days of the week to buy from them.

Rinakama says they are the only village not going to sell at the Sawani border at the moment.

Rinakama says they have had no cases so far and are grateful for the restrictions they have put in place in the village.

He says they still have the safety measures in place, like keeping a watchful eye on toddy consumption in every household, because they know it can be a super spreader of COVID-19.

Rinakama says they are also monitoring rallies in the village.

He says they have had very few issues about it, but they are still very strict about no gathering in the village. Rinakama says their relatives who work in Suva also helped them by buying groceries and exchanging them for vegetables and root crops on the other side.

He says they are also grateful to their relatives who donated time and money to help the villagers as well.

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