Lyons Falls Mayor Resigns Due to Recent ‘Health Alert’ | Lewis County

LYONS FALLS – Village Mayor Beau J. Bailey has announced his resignation from the post he had held for just over a year.

“After a health crisis last week, some time to assess my life situation and many other factors beyond my control, I have decided to resign as mayor of the village of Lyons Falls with immediate effect.” , he wrote on the village’s Facebook. New Years Day page. “Thank you all for your help and support over the past year, but I am too out in the open and have learned that I was not built to be a political figure. My goal is to continue to be involved in relaunching our community just from a different perspective. Happy New Year and God bless you! “

Mr Bailey campaigned as a written candidate in the 2020 election after his predecessor, Anne P. Huntress, posted a similar letter to the community in October of that year, stating that she would not seek re-election in part for health reasons and not being able to meet the required time commitment.

During his short period in office, Mr Bailey moved quickly to deliver on some of his election promises, including bringing back the popular July 4th Independence Festival. He also worked with community leaders, local business owners and Lewis County Economic Development to form a task force to revitalize the village. The working group prioritized the completion of the clean-up of the former Lyons Falls pulp and paper mill site on Center Street in the heart of the village and the launch of a campaign to actively seek out the next company (s). to develop waterfront property.

Mr. Bailey and his wife Danielle Bailey own and operate Black Moose Automotive on Laura Street in the village next to their home. They have two children.

Mr. Bailey could not be reached for further comment.

At 6 p.m. on Monday, the village council will hold a special meeting to “discuss vacancies and other issues” at the village office, 4059 Cherry St.

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