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Department of Defense spokesman, Lt. Cmdr. Tim Gorman provided the following statement:

Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Dr. William A. LaPlante chaired the second meeting of National Armaments Directors (NADs) of member nations of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group (UDCG) on 18 November in Brussels. He was joined by NADs and representatives from 45 countries, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Participants discussed accelerating the procurement, production, supply and sustainment of capabilities critical to Ukraine’s defense against illegal Russian invasion.

Building on consensus at the last UDCG NAD meeting held in September 2022, the NADs discussed efforts in four key areas: (1) long-range ground fires, (2) defense systems aerial, (3) air-to-ground systems capabilities, and (3) sustainment support. In each area, the U.S. delegation and international partners shared progress in mapping current global production capacity of key capabilities and components, and identifying associated supply chain and production constraints. . The discussion set the stage for member countries to work together to increase production and identify opportunities to create interoperability between systems. Additionally, the NADs discussed building sustainment capabilities in Ukraine, including advanced repair activities, access to spare parts and other sustainment tools.

Under Secretary LaPlante noted the unprecedented nature of this effort, which includes significant domestic investments and support to countries’ respective industrial bases, as well as multinational coordination to build defense production and defense capability. support. The NADs discussed innovative solutions to collaborate at the multinational level, including mechanisms to aggregate demand for certain capabilities, establish international funds to invest in production and supply, identify co-production opportunities with the defense industrial base Ukrainian and provide additional support and maintenance. support for international coordination centres. The NADs agreed to meet again in early 2023 to share progress on these and other initiatives.

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