Mountain Brook sisters inspire with candle company


Two sisters from the Mountain Brook area have spent their entire lives uplifting and inspiring each other, ever since their mother passed away when they were young.

However, they realized that not everyone has a sister to lean on.

“When you have tough times in your life, you really turn to the people in your life, and my sister was really there for me,” said Susan McCurry. “So we came to a point in our lives where we felt like we wanted to do a business together that was positive, uplifting, and uplifting for others. “

McCurry and her sister, Lisa Marie McGilberry, started Favor Candles in 2014 to be that supportive business for others. The hand-poured soy candles each have inspirational quotes printed on them.

Once they started looking for quotes and scriptures to associate with candles, it became difficult to narrow down the list.

“We had to really fight for the scriptures that we each wanted and had to give up some of them, and that grew over time,” McGilberry said. “We got a handwriting or a quote and a perfume, and we sat down with it and said, ‘What a feeling does that cause? They match the feel and smell very well.

Sometimes they find the quotes on the Internet or in the Bible. Other quotes can be found in more unique places, like on the bathroom wall of a restaurant outside of Nashville.

“The walls were just covered with pages and quotes and books – words everywhere,” McGilberry said. “And right in front of me was a whole paragraph about the sisters, so I took a picture with my phone and pulled a line out of it.”

Due to their intimate work, they were able to see first-hand how a powerful quote can impact the reader.

“One time we were at a show and people would come in and pick up candles and read the quotes,” McGilberry said. “This lady read this candle, and we didn’t know which one she was holding, but all of a sudden she burst into tears.”

The girl noticed that her mother was crying, so she came and also read the candle. Then she looked at the Favor Candle sisters and said, “We’ll take it.”

The girl said her mother had just retired a few days ago, and her company gave her a plaque with the same quote from Maya Angelou: “I learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget. what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. And that’s why the customer was so touched by the Favor candle.

“We get a lot of tears and a lot of stories. People say, “I need a candle for someone who has cancer. I need a candle for someone whose friend has just passed away, ”said McGilberry. “People post their candles on Instagram and say, ‘This is what helped me. “

The couple said they chose candles because the scent is linked to memory.

“Scent can take you back to a point in time,” McGilberry said. “He can invoke joy and love. I link it to memory. We have some who say, “True friends are always together in spirit. So when you get this candle, you think of that friend, you love that smell, and you remember that friend and the memories that you made. It touches more than one sense. I think it makes people feel good, and that’s our main goal. “

Favor candles are available at Elle in Crestline Village and at Mountain Brook native Carrie Pittman’s new gallery in Homewood, which opened this summer at 1818 28th Ave. S. Candles can also be purchased online at

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