New Albany makes progress on sustainability

Sustainability has become an essential part of our planning process to ensure we are a cleaner, greener and smarter community.

From our public facilities and parks to our more than 55 miles of recreational trails to recognition from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission as a certified Sustainable 2050 member, our commitment to sustainability is not just a community pillar ; It’s a way of life.

You can read it in our municipal code, which requires parks and open spaces for new subdivisions and encourages the preservation of trees in residential and commercial developments, and you can also see it throughout our community, including our park. activities, where we offer incentives for business facilities. built to green building standards.

Our utility began adopting green policies over a decade ago, including:

  • use old asphalt as a berm on roadways
  • use biological swales and filtration ponds to clean stormwater before it is discharged into waterways
  • monthly street sweeping that prevents pollutants from entering waterways
  • snow removal that uses natural beet juice to melt snow while reducing the need for chemical melting compounds
  • a green streets policy in the historic Village Center providing sustainable stormwater management for Third Street and the Second Street and Miller Avenue extensions
  • add the city’s first electric vehicle to its fleet
  • a leaf collection program that converts collected leaves into topsoil
  • a tree pruning program that converts branches and trunks into mulch
  • conversion of the lighting of the Town Hall, the Public Establishment, the street lamps and the traffic lights in LED
  • the installation of solar panels at the utility which is expected to halve electricity costs at utility facilities while removing 112 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the air

In 2021, the New Albany City Council created the Sustainability Advisory Council to advance sustainability efforts. The purpose of this council is to advise the city council on sustainability measures and operations and to promote the principles of sustainability within the community.

Notes from the city:Plain Township Fire Chief offers guidance when emergency vehicles are nearby

Notes from the city:Keeping pets under control at all times is the law in New Albany

Board members are Peter Barnes, Steven Conway, Catherine Duffy, Brian Filiatraut, Laura Gallo, Scott Harrold and Charles Schumacher. The non-voting committee members are City Council member Kasey Kist and New Albany High School representative Lily McGraw.

At the suggestion of this Council and under the direction of the City Council, staff implemented the Food Waste Composting Program at three locations, which to date has diverted 16,000 pounds and 5,100 gallons of food waste. of the landfill. Additionally, the council planned the 2022 Earth Day event, which included an e-waste collection and a children’s BioBlitz to identify local plant and animal species.

Future efforts to expand sustainable programming could include additional community trash pickups and come up with new policies regarding native landscaping and alternative energy sources.

We encourage you to do your part to be good stewards of the environment. The continued success of the New Albany International Business Park and the resulting increase in the city’s general fund provides us with the opportunity to invest in new sustainability initiatives.

Today, 85 percent of New Albany’s general fund dollars come from local income tax revenue, the vast majority of which is collected from business park employees.

If you need more information or assistance with these efforts, email our development team at [email protected] or call 614-939-2254.

Adrienne Joly is the Director of Administrative Services for the City of New Albany.

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