New Albany to invest in Rose Run 2, linking Village Center to Market Square

With the completion of the first phase of Rose Run Park and the Charleen & Charles Hinson Amphitheater, along with the continued growth of restaurants and retail in Market Square, New Albany is focusing on the next phase of development – ​​connecting Market Square with the historic center of the village.

Since 1998, when our first strategic plan was enacted, New Albany has been committed to developing a vibrant Village Center – a connected, walkable center of activity to bring people together and fulfill the promise of our founding pillars – putting featured lifelong learning, arts and culture, health and wellbeing, and sustainability.

We got here thanks to the companies that took a chance on us and believed in our future, from Elliott Cooper, Eye Designs and Learning Express, which are celebrating their 20th anniversary in Market Square this year, to Hayley Gallery, Rusty Bucket and others. We owe a debt of gratitude to the residents who saw the potential of a city like no other. And we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with partners who have a vested interest in our community, including local schools in New Albany Plain, the New Albany Community Foundation, Healthy New Albany, Plain Township, and New Albany Co.

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the Columbus Metropolitan Library branch in New Albany became the cornerstone of the marketplace. Land donated by the New Albany Co. facilitated the development of the Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany, which, along with luxury apartments, fueled the growth of retail, restaurants and offices along Market and Street streets. Hand. The result was more foot traffic to support local businesses. In total, our $30 million investment in infrastructure has helped stimulate more than $100 million in private development.

The city council has also invested in improvements throughout the village core, including burying utility lines, rebuilding roads and adding sidewalks and street trees to pave the way for continued growth. As we move into this new phase, we are breaking down barriers and building stronger physical connections between the market square and the historic center of the village.

This year, City Council has set aside approximately $2.5 million for design and construction documents for the extension of Rose Run Park east of Market Square. This work covers engineering, stormwater management, stream restoration and structural elements. When complete, this new civic asset will include a Veterans Memorial with a Wall of Honor and Heroes’ Walk, as well as a Founders Wall surrounding the Founders Cemetery and a parking lot.

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When I arrived in New Albany in 2000, the vision of a vibrant village center with a robust mix of retail, restaurants, and a cultural and arts district connected by a green corridor encompassing parks and walking trails recreation was ambitious. With every piece of the puzzle, from the Library, Raines Crossing and the Heit Center to the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Arts Center and the Hinson Amphitheater, we are turning this vision into reality. We create the energy, synergy and connections that will draw more people to the center of the village, stimulate more private development and bring us together as a community while distinguishing us from others.

Joseph Stefanov is City Manager of New Albany.

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