New Perthshire Village to Include ‘Everything a Community Needs to Thrive’


If you are looking for a new home in Perth, this brand new village might be just the place you have been looking.

Developed and built by Springfield Properties, Bertha Park will consist of 3,000 new housing units once completed, as well as local amenities and public transport.

Located in a beautiful semi-rural area on the outskirts of Perth, the new village is part of an ongoing project with Properties of Springfield in collaboration with Perth and Kinross Council.

The vision for the village includes a range of homes, local amenities like schools, shops, restaurants, doctors and other business opportunities, as well as community spaces for everyone to enjoy.

But how did Springfield design Bertha Park to create a new community?

Springfield Group Architectural Director Mark Hamilton explained, “What sets it apart from Bertha Park is that it’s a new village. We are creating a neighborhood so that a new community can flourish and prosper. This kind of business requires a different approach.

“The area is already full of spirit and character, offering fantastic natural assets including old growth forest and a loch. When designing Bertha Park, we wanted to embrace these qualities so that residents can enjoy the rich variety of nature that is right on their doorstep.

“We designed the village to be a carefully constructed patchwork quilt made up of distinct areas that will and already look very beautiful.

“And that includes more than housing. Of course, it is important to include a variety of houses to suit a range of people, but it takes people working and playing to create a village. “

New homes

Bertha Park will include new homes suitable for a range of different lifestyles

Bertha Park has a wide variety of new homes available for purchase, ranging from two bedroom apartments to spacious five bedroom family homes.

Each with its own character and stunning features – like the included garden turf and kitchen appliances – the new builds are bright and modern, and perfect for anyone looking to embrace the village lifestyle with easy access to the garden. Perth center.

Bertha Park will include a range of local shops, cafes and restaurants

Mark continued, “Retail and business opportunities are a key part of building a village.

“Providing people with places to shop and work, within walking or cycling distance of their homes, is a big part of moving from a traditional subdivision to a new one.

“That’s why Bertha Park will provide access to shopping, hospitality, recreation and space for other businesses to grow and prosper.

“In Bertha Park’s master plan, there are many opportunities for opening new stores, cafes, take-out and restaurants, and having these spaces ready for local businesses is such an important part in creating a town.”

There is already a local convenience store open to shoppers in Bertha Park, as well as Inveralmond Retail Park just south of the village which is home to an Aldi, Marks & Spencer’s, a pet store and more.

Educational establishments

Good school facilities are essential in a new village

Education and places of learning for children and young people are equally important in a community.

The Perth and Kinross Council recognized Bertha Park’s commitment and vision, selecting it as the location for Scotland’s first purpose-built secondary school in 20 years.

Bertha Park High School, open since 2019, is one of Microsoft’s 17 flagship schools, which means it aligns with Microsoft’s 12 core values, including areas such as inclusiveness, innovation and creativity.

And of course there are several primary and kindergartens nearby for the little ones, as well as Perth College UHI for further education a short drive away.

Green spaces and community activities

Kids will love Bertha Park and all the green spaces and play parks it offers

The semi-rural location of Bertha Park means that it is full of natural beauties and open spaces for sports, relaxation and long walks.

In fact, around 60% of the development is either green space or existing forest – and the village is already home to a destination play park.

There are many other plans underway to make the most of the landscape, as Mark explained: “In the future, we will be planting trees to create an orchard, providing plots for community residents who want to grow vegetables. , providing additional play to parks and soccer fields providing a place for children to play with their friends and encouraging active and healthy lives.

As Bertha Park is located so close to bustling Perth, it offers residents the benefits of country living, just a short drive from the city.

Already home to more than 550 people, the community spirit of Bertha Park is evident.

Mark added: “It’s so great to visit the village, to see the kids playing in the park, the families walking the dog or jumping on the bus to go to work.

“It’s even better to hear that the community is settling down and organizing events in the green spaces, supporting each other in businesses and actively considering other ways to bring the people of Bertha Park together. “

To learn more, visit website or call 01738 658571.

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