NGRI team of experts to visit earthquake-stricken villages of Kalaburagi today


“No major damage except for the collapse of five houses in the village of Gadikeshwar”

A team of scientists from the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) will visit villages that have been frequently affected by low-intensity earthquakes over the past 10 days on Sunday, said Vijaya Jyothsna, deputy commissioner of Kalaburagi.

Addressing a rally in Hosalli (H) on Saturday in Kalagi taluk, one of the villages affected by the earthquakes, the officer said the team of experts from the first geoscience research organization based in Hyderabad would visit the villages affected by the quakes and take stock of the situation by carrying out a study. Ms. Jyothsna was in the village as part of her village stay program.

Low intensity tremors

“The intensities of the tremors reported in different villages of Kalaburagi during the last 10 days vary from 1 to 3 on the Richter scale. As these are low-intensity tremors, there was no major damage except for the collapse of five houses in the village of Gadikeshwar, ”Ms. Jyothsna said.

Regarding the precautionary measures taken in the villages affected by the tremors, Ms. Jyothsna said that the district administration had opened relief centers in the villages and provided all basic needs, including food and blankets, to people in need.

“We have set up six teams made up of civil servants and engineers from the Public Works Department. These teams record the damage in each affected village. They would also help residents get their damaged homes repaired. The damaged houses of the economically poor will be repaired or rebuilt by the administration itself, ”she said, calling on the population to cooperate with the authorities.

Trying to instill scientific knowledge about tremors and instill confidence in people, Ms. Jyothsna called on people not to be afraid but to be careful.

“When it comes to flooding, we know the time and the areas to hit. Through the coordinated efforts of different weather forecasting ministries and agencies, we can get a rough idea of ​​when and what areas flooding is happening and take precautionary measures well in advance to protect people. However, when it comes to earthquakes, this is unfortunately not possible. We cannot predict the location and time of an earthquake and that is the limitation of science, ”Ms. Jyothsna said.

Great welcome

The villagers gave Ms. Jyothsna a big welcome by playing the traditional drum and raining flowers as she entered the village for her village stay program. Zilla Panchayat Director General Dileesh Sasi, Deputy Commissioner Mona Roat, Deputy Director of Shankar Land Archives, Executive Engineers of Public Works Department Mallikarjun Jeratagi and Krishna Agnihotri, Deputy Director of Agriculture Samad Patel and others senior officers were present.

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