Nigeria: 200 armed men neutralized as Niger SSG village is invaded

As many as 200 gunmen have been neutralized in Niger State in the past 72 hours, the state government in Minna announced yesterday. It was just as the village of Niger State government secretary Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim Matane was overrun by gunmen.

Local Government and Homeland Security Commissioner Mr Emmanuel Umar said as many as 100 motorbikes were recovered from the bandits while a number of stolen cattle were also recovered.

Umar told reporters that those killed belonged to three notorious groups led by Yellow Janbros, Katchala Aliyu and Bello Tijur who continued to terrorize parts of the state.

He said, however, that two security guards lost their lives in the battle with the gunmen at different locations.

According to him, the success recorded is the result of “new strategies adopted in the fight against terrorists.

“The state government is now fully prepared for the terrorists, our new strategies are starting to show results, every terrorist will now pay for their action in the state.”

Asked about a video circulating in the state that shows dozens of bandits were neutralized in Niger’s southern senatorial zone last weekend, Umar declined to comment but said credit should go to certain communities. for the success so far in the fight against the gunmen.

“I salute our communities for their steadfastness in defending their lands” and also commend the security agents for their resilience in the fight against terrorists, even if some of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice”.

Meanwhile, the village of Matane in the Mashegu local government area of ​​the state was attacked by the bandits on Tuesday evening.

The armed men in large numbers set fire to houses and vehicles and disappeared with several household goods and agricultural products.

It was not known if the property of the SSG or his relatives had been damaged during the raid by the bandits.

The State Commissioner for Local Government and Homeland Security, Mr. Emmanuel Umar, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview saying that “a number of houses, shops and objects of value were set on fire by the bandits in Matane, local administration of Mashegu in Niger State”.

Umar said the number of casualties as a result of the invasion of the community was not known.

“The bandits resorted to attacking from village to village out of frustration because the only route for them to escape to Zamfara state was blocked by the troops,” he said.

In a related development, as many as 2,000 bandits reportedly entered Zagzaga in the Munya local government area of ​​the state on Tuesday.

The gunmen, according to some villagers, rode on several motorbikes and split into groups before attacking the village.

They also burned houses and shops after evacuating all the goods there.

Chairman of Shiroro Local Government, Mr. Sulaiman Chikuba also confirmed that trucks full of bandits dropped bandits in Damba village, Kurebe district of local government last Sunday night, striking fear in the villagers.

“Immediately they (the bandits) arrived, my people called me to inform me. As I speak to you now, all the villages in the area are now almost deserted. People are starting to move,” he said.

According to Chikuba, villages like Katarma, Rijiya Uku and Laidna were deserted as people left their homes and all moved to nearby villages.

He added that the terrorists had asked the villagers to leave their homes to allow them to settle.

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