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A proposed Tesla dealership in Northbrook sparked the power with favorable comments at the Northbrook Village Board meeting on September 13.

Tesla plans to locate at 1000 Skokie Blvd. and can add nearby community electric charging stations.

“I’m really charged to see this,” said administrator Robert P. Israel.

“I’m very busy too,” administrator Joy U. Ebhomielen said. “I think it’s excellent. I would love to have a Tesla, so I hope my husband is listening.

Northbrook Village President Kathryn L. Ciesla said with a smile, “I was super excited for the (on hold) Starbucks in Waukegan and Shermer, this (Tesla) is obviously blowing this.

“We encourage you to move forward and we will do everything we can to make it successful.”

Ciesla said Tesla has retrofitted other building locations, but the Northbrook facility will be “state of the art, their latest design and one of the very few buildings like this in the area.

“That’s my hope,” Ciesla added, “. . . that people will want to come to this Tesla dealership because it’s going to be so amazing.

As Tesla enters the village review process, with the next step being the Plan Commission, “We have a long way to go,” said Matt Hendy of Chicago, speaking on behalf of the Fort Union and Focus Development joint venture. as project developers for the tenant. You’re here.

“It’s still too early to tell.”

Zoning relief is sought to allow construction of the new one-story Tesla Motor Vehicle Dealership on over 47,000 square feet with open retail land and rooftop parking near Life Time Northbrook Fitness Center and The Elaine , a 338-unit multi-family apartment complex.

The Tesla building would offer sales, service and a delivery center, boosting possible charging stations to support Tesla drivers.

“I think the more Teslas that are sold, owned and operated on the North Shore, the more the need for charging stations will certainly increase in the years to come,” Hendy said. “Certainly we heard loud and clear from the board tonight that they would like to see more charging stations and I think Tesla will respond to that.”

The proposed hours of operation for customers would be daylight hours until 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. The exterior would align with Tesla’s branding.

In line with Northbrook’s 2021 Climate Action Plan (CAP), the village encourages Tesla developers to consider including renewable energy facilities to offset some or all of the carbon footprint generated. CAP aims for Northbrook to reduce greenhouse carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

“I think the CAP program is very important to us,” Ebhomielen said.

Tesla plans to keep 15 to 20 employees at the Northbrook site, with at least half being technicians or mechanics, and the rest as members of the sales team.

“Northbrook is definitely a premier community on Chicago’s North Shore and I think having exposure at the Edens Expressway, having exposure at other car dealerships along Skokie Boulevard. . . there are a lot of car dealerships there, it’s a natural fit for Tesla to set up one of their Midwest flagship locations,” Hendy said.

“They’re (Tesla) the number one electric vehicle brand in the world, not just here, but it’s certainly nice to know that they’re going to be putting one of their nicest, newest flagship locations here on the north shore of Chicago,” Hendy said.

Northbrook Village Administrator Johannah K. Hebl was concerned that people could not easily see the Tesla dealership from the Edens.

“The only concern I have, which is rare, is how can we see Tesla from the Edens Expressway on 94 because we want everyone to buy their Tesla in Northbrook,” Hebl said. “So hopefully it’s visual of the Edens in some way.”

Administrator Dan Pepoon, a former member of the Planning Commission, criticized the village’s Architectural Control Commission (ACC) as a review body, saying at the July 12 board meeting: ” I, too, had a lot of frustration on the Planning Commission where the CAC has gummed up the cogs of progress.

On September 13, Pepoon said of the Tesla project in a warning to ACC, “I don’t want the Architectural Control Board to delay this in any way.”

Immediately after leaving the board meeting, Hendy said he felt encouraged by Tesla’s welcome to Northbrook.

“Northbrook has been absolutely fantastic so far, the staff and now the board,” Hendy said, also indicating that Tesla representatives flew in to attend the 13th board meeting. september.

Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, was not among the Tesla attendees.

“That’s what everyone wants to know, isn’t it?” Hendy said with a laugh of Elon Musk. “Like, when is he coming, will he be at the grand opening? How many times have we heard that?

Joking aside, Hendy added of the Tesla reps, “They’re very excited about the project.”

To Northbrook village officials, Hendy said, “We really look forward to working with them.

Karie Angell Luc is a freelance writer for Pioneer Press.

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