OTC expands Three Rivers Bridge decorations

COSHOCTON — Our city Coshocton has announced the expansion of the Three Rivers Bridge decorations.

The project will include the same snowflakes used on Main Street lampposts during the Christmas season and banners reading ‘hope’ and ‘joy’. Funding comes from the Edwin F. Mulligan Endowment Fund of the Coshocton Foundation.

Lanny Spaulding, executive director of the CTO, said the organization intends to ask the city to keep the snowflakes going from November to December so there’s something to fill the dull winter void.

“Last winter will be the last time we will have an empty bridge during the colder months. We are grateful to the Coshocton Foundation for their continued support in making Coshocton an attractive option for visitors and a community residents can be proud of,” said Spaulding.

Double-sided banners promoting historic downtown on one side and Roscoe Village on the other have also been hung recently. The downtown side can be seen when traveling towards Coshocton and the village side of Roscoe when traveling in that direction.

“Roscoe Village is one of our closest partners in the community and we wanted a standard set of banners to showcase historic downtown and Roscoe Village as two sides of the same community. From Main Street to Whitewoman Street, we see a unified historic and economic corridor,” Spaulding said. “The new banners will be a simple, yet visible way to represent our unique historic community and encourage traffic on the bridge.

Spaulding said that partnership was recently showcased with a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl and Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt that included businesses on both sides of the bridge and used the new designated outdoor refreshment area to bring out the people.

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