Paradise Community Village restored on The Ridge


CHICO, Calif .– The Community Housing Improvement Program, or CHIP, has just completed the Paradise Community Village after being completely destroyed in the camp fire.

The Affordable Housing Unit was originally established in 2013 and is now back. One of the peculiarities of the village is that it is built in exactly the same place where it was originally before the campfire.

They also kept much of the same architecture and colors for the buildings.

“Maybe just pinch me first because it was a lot of work to get to where we are today,” said Kris Zappettini, vice president of CHIP. “There are 36 units in total. They include one, two and three bedroom units. This is an important family development.”

They are ready to welcome families with a new playground and community center.

“We actually have many survivors of Camp Fire and some of the original residents who lived here who will be moving into this development,” Zappettini said. “The rest will be newcomers who are excited to have affordable housing in Paradise.”

Affordable housing, that is, one bedroom starting at $ 300 and three bedrooms under $ 1,000.

They are ready to start resettling people on September 27. CHIP is proud to help rebuild the ridge. They will soon be working on single family homes in Paradise.

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