Players can liberate or loot villages in Dune.

Before liberating or plundering a village in Dune: Spice Wars, players should ensure that the chosen action benefits their unique situation and faction.

As players explore the desert landscapes of Dune: The Spice Wars, they will encounter Villages, small named establishments that offer resources or bonuses depending on the region. These villages are vital to efficiently exploit the natural resources of a specific area or to expand the economic capabilities and borders of a faction. Most of the time, a city can be discovered by exploring a piece of rocky terrain in Dune: The Spice Wars with question mark icon. The main way for players to capture a village is to send their forces to fight the local militia. The number displayed next to the hamlet name indicates how many militiamen the player’s faction must defeat before the village is theirs.


Once a village in Dune: The Spice Wars has been subdued, the player usually has a choice between looting or taking control. If the town was previously owned by another faction, the Liberate Small Town option will also appear. Liberating a colony is a passive means of damaging an opposing faction’s economy. The village will become neutral and the player won’t have to worry about keeping it in their empire.

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On the other hand, annexation in Dune: The Spice Wars will always cost players a specific amount of resources, such as authority. However, owning this village could potentially grant players a bonus or positively affect their Water, Solari, or Spice production. Additionally, faction leaders will have control of the colony, including its military forces to protect it from possible raids. The third option is plunder, which gives the player an immediate abundance of resources but renders the colony unusable for a month of play.

How to Manage Villages in Dune Spice Wars

With these three options in mind, Dunes fans are probably wondering what is the best action to take on a conquered village. Naturally, the correct answer will depend on the situation the player is currently in and the faction they are playing as. If players are in desperate need of Spice or aim to build their empire in a hurry, plundering a village might be the best bet to give their faction the boost they need. Additionally, those who play as smugglers will receive more benefits from plundering settlements than from liberating them.

Conversely, someone playing House Atreides with a high political standing with their competitors might conclude that plundering a village isn’t worth the long-term downside of losing positive influence. Additionally, players should always check the potential benefits of annexing a colony. Sometimes liberating is a better choice than adding a city that the player doesn’t have enough resources to maintain, resulting in a rebellion or raids in Dune: The Spice Wars.

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Dune: The Spice Wars is available on PC.

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