Police are looking for a tire iron

RACINE, Ohio (WSAZ) — Marshal Racine’s office is investigating after multiple vehicle tires were punctured, including three police cruisers.

“At one o’clock, I noticed that my tires were in good condition. At six o’clock they are flat,’ Middleport Police Chief Mony Wood said.

Wood was one of the victims of the tire puncture. Early Monday morning, he left his home in Racine to go to his patrol car to go to work, when he noticed that his tires were flat.

“When I started, all the dashboard lights were on and I noticed my tire gauges were all on,” he said.

He says all four tires were punctured, and when he looked at his personal car, he said two of those tires were punctured along with his side-by-side tires.

“It cost the village $1,000 to get all those new tires installed. My Jeep and my side-by-side vehicle cost me close to $700, so that’s money out of my pocket that I have to spend to get my vehicles replaced,” Wood said.

He quickly realized that he was not the only victim. He says Marshal Racine, who lives a few doors down, also had his police car’s tires slashed as well as a Pomeroy police car.

“Some people say maybe someone got mad at law enforcement, someone says maybe it was a random act,” Wood said.

Several other community members also woke up Monday morning with flat tires.

“It’s a very tight-knit community, so when something like this happens, who are you like and why?” said Jill Sikorski, owner of the Sikorski Family Restaurant.

Sikorski wasn’t a victim, but she’s friends with a lot of people who are.

“Hearing this, it’s as if it could happen to me. It could happen to anyone. People wonder what did they do to deserve this? she says.

She says something she doesn’t expect to happen in a small town, and now she sees her friends have to pay a lot of money for new tires.

Not everyone has the money to buy new tires,” she said. “It’s sad to see people here ripping things off people, it’s just not fair.”

Wood says he hopes someone in the community starts talking and he can catch the person responsible.

“This is a personal attack on my neighbors and on our community, and we’re all friends up there. Everyone gets along, and it’s just really sad that it even happened,” Wood said.

The marshal’s office is asking people to review security camera footage to see if there is video of the suspect.

They say a vehicle was also stolen Monday morning, and they believe that person is also responsible for having the tires punctured.

If you have information about the incidents, you are encouraged to message the Racine Village Marshal’s Office on Facebook or call the Meigs County 911 Center at 740-992-6617 option 5.

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