Russia warns ‘nuclear-free Baltic’ will end if Sweden and Finland join NATO

JThe Russian Embassy in Washington DC has a facade that overall is tall, flat, and white. It’s a design that, even accidentally, gives the building a certain resemblance to a projection screen, reports Tom Oug.

This is exactly how it was used by pro-Ukrainian pranksters. A video uploaded to social media this morning shows Boris Nemtsov Plaza, the embassy headquarters, at night. On the thick foliage of the trees to the right of the embassy is projected the Ukrainian flag, bright blue and yellow on a dark background.

The flag, seemingly beamed across the broad avenue, begins to veer to the left. Inexorably, he heads for the Russian Embassy, ​​arriving in the upper left corner. The embassy is already lit by large, dim searchlights in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag – and a second, dimmer Ukrainian flag, suggesting some prankster coordination.

It’s the strongest flag that triggers the intercept attempt that made this video go viral. Up sweeps a white Russian spotlight, directly towards the incoming Ukrainian flag. “They’re trying to drown you,” commented a viewer.

The attempted military escort is foiled. The Ukrainian flag is so bright that the white spotlight barely shows. Emboldened, the Ukrainian flag makes another foray into Russian territory, adding insult to injury as it swings provocatively.

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