Santa Village kicks off the holidays

This will be the first time in a long time that we will be able to celebrate Christmas as a family because of the covid.

Fargo, ND (KVRR) – “We are here in Santa Village for Santa Village in Fargo Parks Department and it’s a beautiful day for that, love it is our opening day, a beautiful sun and it’s not too cold, ”Ms. Claus said.

In addition to a cooperative time, there were a lot of festivities that the community took advantage of to get into the holiday spirit.

“My favorite thing, of course, is Santa’s house because that’s where people can come in and see Santa and me, and they can have their picture taken and decorate a cookie to take home.” at home. We also have in the dorm where you can do a craft that you can take home and keep over the years, we have the train set up, people love the train, ”Claus said.

And some Santa Claus reindeer were present to take carriage rides to the children and their families.

We have seen a lot of isolation over the past two years, and people have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to benefit from this experience with their families and other members of the community.

“It’s amazing to have the community here. After the two years we’ve had, I think we’ve heard a lot about family reunions while on vacation, and it’s like a giant family reunion, ”Claus said.

“This will be the first time in a long time that we’ve been able to celebrate Christmas as a family because of covid. You can tell people love that it looks like Christmas,” said Tory Hubbard, a resident of Fargo.

A teenager has just moved from California with his family and is delighted to see snow.

“In fact, we’ve never really seen snow, the greatest amount of snow we’ve seen is maybe an inch or a quarter of an inch. Not a lot, ”said Terrick Hubbard, a resident of Fargo.

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