Scarborough Construction Skills Village will support another 50 apprentices by the end of the year.

The Scarborough Construction Skills Village in North Yorkshire, which is operated by the community benefit company Northern Regeneration, currently has 100 apprentices, including bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, electricians and floor workers. It also offers free, fully-funded factory training for people who want to move into better paying jobs. It is open to the unemployed or anyone looking to change careers or upgrade. The training program has received over 500,000 £ from the Scarborough Town Deal as part of the government’s Towns Fund, aiming for the much-vaunted ‘upgrade’ scheme. The new waves of apprentices aim to help fill the huge skills gaps for building and maintaining homes among tradespeople and construction companies. By December, the skills village aims to support another 50 apprenticeships. . “Our story is one of education and industry working together in real, practical ways. Some of our apprentices could have gone to college, some worked as pot washers in cafes.” They now have the prospect of high-paying jobs for life, building the country’s infrastructure – and they’re looking at life differently. They’re starting to look at the design and shape of buildings as they walk around, it’s a transformative perspective for them.” They study with us for part of the week and learn functional math and English and skills from experienced tutors – and at the same time apprenticed to trades people who can then in turn become more. “It’s so important to develop useful skills where there is such a shortage, and by acquiring one in an all-weather construction environment, we are providing new careers.” ssessors while working alongside skilled artisans on local developments. The Building Skills Village was founded in 2015. It uses local supply chains to help young people through apprenticeships and forges relationships with local builders and artisans. local. The skills village means people don’t have to travel out of the area. “They love our environment where it’s a real learning site not a classroom and they are seen as workers not students.”It’s an exciting time to learn a trade – there are so many of demand and great opportunities for people of all ages, gaining while learning.”

According to CITB’s Construction Skills Network, the country needs an additional 250,000 people like these interns over the next five years to meet the country’s needs.

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