Senator Anna Kaplan launches million-plus public safety initiative for North Shore Nassau County

To fight crime and improve public safety in North Shore Nassau communities, Senator Anna Kaplan launched a more than $1 million public safety initiative to provide grants to local police departments.

Through her initiative, Senator Kaplan awarded $150,000 grants to 7 local police departments to purchase license plate readers to help local law enforcement fight crime and solve Business.

PHOTO CAPTION: Senator Kaplan presents a ceremonial check to Mayor of the Village of Great Neck Estates, William D. Warner, DDS. The Great Neck Estates Village Police Department will receive a grant under Senator Kaplan’s $1,050,000 Public Safety Initiative.

CARLE PLACE, NY (OCTOBER 17, 2022) – To combat crime and improve public safety in North Shore Nassau County communities, Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-Port Washington) launched a $1,050,000 public safety initiative to provide grants to local police departments. The grants will fund the purchase of license plate readers that help local law enforcement fight crime and solve cases, especially auto theft which has increased in North Shore communities. these last months.

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said, “Our police deserve to have the best tools and resources at their disposal to fight crime and keep our communities safe, and I’m proud to always stand by them and provide them with the funding they need. needed to do their job well. License plate readers are a cutting-edge tool our law enforcement can use to catch criminals and solve crimes, and thanks to my new public safety initiative, every local police department on the North Shore of my district will now have access to this vital piece of equipment.”

Each of the seven local North Shore police departments in Senator Kaplan’s district will receive $150,000 to purchase license plate readers. Local police departments are Kensington, Kings Point, Lake Success, Great Neck Estates, Port Washington, Sands Point and Old Westbury.

Mayor of Great Neck Estates, William D. Warner, DDS said, “My goal is always to ensure that our police have the best tools to keep our community safe, and through Senator Kaplan’s new million-dollar public safety initiative, which will provide our village $150,000 for public safety improvements, we have another tool in our kit to fight crime here in the village of Great Neck Estates and on the North Shore without asking the local ratepayers to foot the bill. am grateful for Senator Kaplan’s leadership in bringing license plate readers to our area, and I look forward to working with her to make them work here in our village.”

License plate readers are high-tech, computer-controlled camera systems that can be mounted on patrol vehicles or fixed locations. They read the license plates of passing vehicles and immediately cross-check them against state DMV records and law enforcement databases to detect a stolen or recently involved in a crime vehicle, as well as persons wanted for outstanding criminal offences.

While larger departments like the Nassau County Police have been able to invest in some of these drives in other areas of the county, the expensive technology has been beyond the reach of many local police departments on the North Shore, such as those controlled by Villages. The goal of Senator Kaplan’s initiative is to help small police departments purchase this important technology to dramatically increase its use on the North Shore and help keep every community safe by solving and preventing crime. .

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